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I, Darrin, Take This Witch Samantha

Episode: 001 | Aired: September 16, 1964

Very much in love, Samantha and Darrin decide to marry. Darrin doesn't know that Samantha is, of all things, a witch. On their wedding night, Samantha's mother, Endora, also a witch, visits her daughter with the ulterior motive of breaking up the marriage. Samantha is then subjected to a humiliating dinner party at the home of one of Darrin's former girlfriends.

Be It Ever So Mortgaged

Episode: 002 | Aired: September 23, 1964

Samantha's powers come in handy when she inspects the house Darrin plans to buy for them. Samantha transforms it with witchcraft to impress Endora. Gladys Kravitz, a nosy neighbor, is shocked as furniture and landscaping appear and vanish before her eyes.

Mother, Meet What's His Name

Episode: 004 | Aired: September 30, 1964

Gladys Kravitz is unable to convince her husband, Abner, that strange things seem to be happening at the Stephens' home. When Gladys and some other neighbors visit the Stephens' home, Gladys is frustrated in her attempts to point out to her friends the uncanny goings-on in the home.

It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog

Episode: 003 | Aired: October 07, 1964

Samantha gives a dinner party for one of Darrin's clients, Rex Barker. Rex comes onto Samantha when he gets drunk, so Samantha changes him into a dog. Darrin, thinking only of the possible loss of the account, is furious.

Help, Help, Don't Save Me

Episode: 005 | Aired: October 14, 1964

Darrin struggles to create an advertising campaign for Caldwell Soup. Samantha's suggestions seem perfect, but Darrin suspects witchcraft and presents his own ideas. When they're rejected, Darrin accuses Samantha of using witchcraft around the house, and walks out.

Little Pitchers Have Big Fears

Episode: 006 | Aired: October 21, 1964

Samantha takes 10-year-old Marshall Burns to a Junior League baseball game. Marshall has never been able to make the cut on the field, but with a little witchery on Samantha's part, he becomes a triple threat.

The Witches Are Out

Episode: 007 | Aired: October 28, 1964

Samantha and some other witches decide to change the popular conception of their kind into a more flattering image. Their opportunity arises when Darrin is assigned to devise a trademark for a new type of Halloween candy.

The Girl Reporter

Episode: 008 | Aired: November 04, 1964

Teenager Liza Randall develops a crush on Darrin after interviewing him about his career in advertising for a school newspaper. Liza's jealous boy friend, Marvin "Monster" Grogan, comes looking for Darrin, but finds Samantha instead.

Witch or Wife

Episode: 009 | Aired: November 11, 1964

Darrin's workload piles sky-high when Larry Tate and his wife Louise fly to Paris to cover the fashion showings for a client. Bored, Samantha flies to Paris with Endora (without a plane of course). In Paris, Samantha and Endora run into the Tates.

Just One Happy Family

Episode: 010 | Aired: November 18, 1964

Endora warns Samantha that Maurice will be furious when he learns that his daughter has married a mortal. Samantha is determined to stand up to her father and the conversation about Darrin proceeds nicely until Maurice surmises Darrin is a mortal. When Darrin comes home, Maurice makes him disappear.

It Takes One To Know One

Episode: 011 | Aired: November 25, 1964

While searching for a "Miss Jasmine" for his firm's perfume account, Darrin discovers the beautiful Jannine Fleur. Samantha learns that Jannine is a witch whom Endora has asked to seduce Darrin

And Something Makes Three

Episode: 012 | Aired: December 02, 1964

Louise discovers she is pregnant and asks Samantha to go with her to the doctor. Louise tells Samantha she is afraid to tell Larry since she believes he hates children. Larry sees them and assumes Samantha's pregnant, but cautions Darrin not to say anything until Samantha tells him.

Love is Blind

Episode: 013 | Aired: December 09, 1964

Although Darrin dislikes matchmaking, Samantha persuades him to bring Kermit, a handsome artist, to dinner to meet her friend Gertrude. Kermit falls for Gertrude. But Darrin suspects Gertrude is a witch and tries to break up her romance with Kermit.

Samantha Meets the Folks

Episode: 014 | Aired: December 16, 1964

Darrin's parents pay their first visit to the Stephens' home. Determined to help Samantha make a hit with her in-laws, Aunt Clara uses her witchcraft to whip up a feast for dinner. Darrin's mother feels pushed aside by Samantha's incredible household talents. But when she realizes its Aunt Clara's doing, she knows she is going to love her daughter-in-law.

A Vision of Sugar Plums

Episode: 015 | Aired: December 23, 1964

A pregnant Samantha recalls her first Christmas with her husband, Darrin. Seven-year-old Tommy, who lives in an orphanage, is happy to spend Christmas with Gladys and Abner Kravitz. When another child, Michael, derides Tommy's belief in Santa Claus, Samantha takes Michael and Darrin on her broomstick to the North Pole, to meet St. Nick himself.

It's Magic

Episode: 016 | Aired: January 06, 1965

The members of the Hospital Fund Auxiliary appoint Samantha Entertainment Chairwoman for the group's bazaar. Samantha hires Zeno, a magician who has taken to drink. Using magic, Samantha makes Zeno the hit of the show. As a result, Zeno gets a job on TV. Just before his show goes on the air, Roxie appears and ruins Zeno's act and his confidence.

A Is For Aardvark

Episode: 017 | Aired: January 13, 1965

Darrin is bedridden with a sprained ankle, and Samantha's weary of running up and down stairs on errands for him. She suggests he use witchcraft. Endora warns Samantha that she is making a mistake. After his initial wishes are granted, Darrin, as Endora had predicted, becomes drunk with power.

The Cat's Meow

Episode: 018 | Aired: January 20, 1965

Darrin meets Margaret Marshall, a powerful cosmetics firm executive. She insists that Darrin fly to Chicago that night to complete the quarter million dollar campaign he had planned for her company. When he arrives it seems Margaret's interested in more than business. But when Darrin sees a cat, he fears it may be Samantha.

A Nice Little Dinner Party

Episode: 019 | Aired: January 27, 1965

Samantha arranges a dinner for Darrin's parents and Endora to meet. Darrin is fearful of the results as his father has just retired and is in the doldrums. Endora cozies up to Frank, but Phyllis becomes jealous.

Your Witch is Showing

Episode: 020 | Aired: February 03, 1965

After a run-in with Endora, Darrin starts having problems with a major account. Despite Darrin's protests, Larry Tate gives him an assistant, a ruthless young shark named Gideon Whitsett. Darrin is sure Gideon is a warlock whom Endora has assigned to steal his job.

Ling Ling

Episode: 021 | Aired: February 10, 1965

Darrin's agency is unable to find a model for the "Jewel of the East" campaign, until Samantha transforms a cat into a beautiful Asian girl named Ling Ling. Photographer Wally is so intrigued by Ling Ling that he brings her along to dinner. Samantha's efforts to make Ling Ling give up Wally fail.

Eye Of The Beholder

Episode: 022 | Aired: February 24, 1965

Endora focuses her efforts on the age-discrepancy between Samantha and Darrin. She plants seeds of doubt in Darrin at every turn, and he visualizes himself as a doddering old man, while Samantha retains her youthful appearance.

Red Light, Green Light

Episode: 023 | Aired: March 03, 1965

The lack of a traffic signal at busy Morning Glory Circle makes it virtually impossible for the Stephens or their neighbors to cross without risking life and limb. Samantha uses witchcraft to keep the Mayor and his limousine so tied up in a traffic jam that he is quickly convinced a traffic signal is necessary.

Which Witch Is Which?

Episode: 024 | Aired: March 10, 1965

Samantha doesn't have time for a dress fitting, so Endora makes herself identical to Samantha. She meets Bob Frazer, an author, who falls for Endora. Meanwhile, Darrin tells Samantha to expect a visit from his friend, Bob Frazer. Gladys Kravitz, who has seen Endora with Bob, is sure the Stephens' marriage is kaput.

Pleasure O'Riley

Episode: 025 | Aired: March 17, 1965

Pleasure O'Riley, a beautiful model, is hiding from football star Thor "Thunderbolt" Swenson in the house next to the Stephens'. One night, Pleasure wakes up the Stephens', pleading for Darrin's protection from Thunderbolt, who has learned her new address. Thunderbolt arrives and Samantha inadvertently gives him the impression that Darrin is Pleasure's new boyfriend.

Driving Is The Only Way To Fly

Episode: 026 | Aired: March 24, 1965

Darrin enrolls Samantha in a driving school. Basil Koenig assigns his brother-in-law, Harold, a nervous wreck, to teach Samantha. Samantha repeatedly uses witchcraft to get the car out of trouble, and Harold finally breaks when he hears Endora's voice from the back seat and is unable to see her.

There's No Witch Like An Old Witch

Episode: 027 | Aired: March 31, 1965

Age has played havoc with Aunt Clara's witchcraft. Unable to fly great distances any longer, she is forced to give up a trip with the other witches. Samantha invites her to stay. But all of Aunt Clara's best efforts to help around the house prove disastrous.

Open the Door Witchcraft

Episode: 028 | Aired: April 07, 1965

Inspired by a demonstration of an electric garage door, Samantha opens her garage by twitching her nose. Plagued by Gladys about this, Abner questions Darrin. To cover up, Darrin foregoes new fishing gear and buys a remote control for the garage. Later, Samantha and Darrin are trapped when a plane signal locks the garage.

Abner Kadabra

Episode: 029 | Aired: April 14, 1965

Gladys Kravitz catches Samantha twitching her nose to rearrange pictures on a wall. To keep Gladys from spreading the news, Samantha convinces her that she has ESP. Gladys starts using her supposed powers on Abner, with disastrous results.

George The Warlock

Episode: 030 | Aired: April 21, 1965

Darrin lends a helping hand to D. D. (Danger) O'Riley, a beautiful 19-year-old neighbor. As Darrin spends more and more time with D. D., Samantha turns to solitaire. Endora sees a chance to break up the Stephens marriage. She takes George, a warlock, from his harem and persuades him to romance Samantha.

That Was My Wife

Episode: 031 | Aired: April 28, 1965

The Stephens' reserve a suite at the President Hotel for a night. Samantha arrives at the hotel wearing a wig. Larry sees Darrin embracing a beautiful brunette in the lobby. Using her own unique form of travel, Samantha leaves the hotel and returns home to pick up a book for Darrin. Larry sees her there and goes to the hotel. When Darrin tries to convince Larry that Samantha is the "other woman" in the next room, Larry announces he saw Samantha at home.

Illegal Separation

Episode: 032 | Aired: May 05, 1965

After an argument, Gladys Kravitz locks her husband out of their home. The Stephens invite Abner to spend the night at their place. Later, it appears that Abner, using all his privileges as a guest, is more than satisfied with the arrangement and is making no effort to return to his own home.

A Change Of Face

Episode: 033 | Aired: May 12, 1965

As Darrin naps in the living room, Endora points out some of the unfortunate details of his face and begins changing it. Awakening, Darrin becomes convinced his wife doesn't find him attractive. Samantha decides to build up her husband's ego by changing her own personality to that of a French sculptress who tells Darrin his face exudes "masculine appeal."

Remember The Main

Episode: 034 | Aired: May 19, 1965

Darrin finds Samantha addressing a group of neighbors, including Abner and Gladys Kravitz, on behalf of Ed Wright's candidacy for councilman. Listening to Wright denouncing the incumbent, John C. Cavanaugh, for dipping into city funds, Darrin takes up Wright's cause.

Eat At Mario's

Episode: 035 | Aired: May 26, 1965

Samantha and Endora have a new favorite restaurant, Mario's, but the place is going broke because Mario refuses to sell pizza. Samantha learns that Darrin's agency has a new client, Linton Baldwin, the owner of a large chain of pizza parlors. When Samantha uses witchcraft to promote Mario's, Baldwin cancels his account and signs with the agency handling Mario's restaurant.

Cousin Edgar

Episode: 036 | Aired: June 02, 1965

Almost as determined as Endora to break up Samantha's marriage to a mere mortal, Samantha's cousin Edgar, an elf, begins playing pranks on Darrin. Edgar, invisible to all, plagues Darrin in his office. Darrin is sure Endora is at fault.