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Pandora Spocks


Showing prodigious acting and musical talent during her formative years in Beverly, Mass., Pandora Spocks was discovered by Hollywood producers in the early 1960s, when she appeared in Las Vegas with the comedy sister duo Jeannie and Angie O'Plastie. Pandora was subsequently awarded many guest-starring TV appearances, most notably the breakthrough roles of television's first female plumber, Rhoda Ruder, on Love That Clog, and the first female brain surgeon, Dr. Sarah Bellum, on the short-lived, sci-fi cult favorite Heads Up, Uranus!

Pandora's big break came when she created the role of Samantha's cousin Serena on Bewitched. She first appeared in episode 54, "And Then There Were Three," on Jan. 13, 1966. The role of Serena blossomed in part due to Pandora's musical abilities; she came to the role well-prepared, having studied abroad at the Music Academy of Royal York (M.A.R.Y.) with guitar virtuoso R. Peggio and vocalist Al LeGro. Like her small-screen alter ego, Pandora has been involved with several pro-social causes, forming the Shirley Goodness Memorial Foundation with co-founders Marcia Dimes and Rita Booke. She currently sits on the board of directors of the Beth Israel Hospital in Collins, NY. During her rise to fame, Pandora had a brief yet tumultuous relationship with frozen pie magnate Bob Frapples. After Bewitched ended its eight-year run, Pandora embraced her new role as wife and mother, taking up residence in Bertha, Mo. with husband Mason Jarre and daughter Dora.

Character Bio

Samantha's identical cousin Serena is a free spirit if ever there was one. She's dressed for the times, transitioning from Jackie O. chic to groovy hippie chick effortlessly. She is known to make appearances at love-ins and peace rallies and, of course, her cousin Samantha's home. Something of an amateur musician, she plays guitar, sings and writes songs for popular artists. Serena's list of boyfriends is impressive, but when vexed, her erratic temperament causes her to turn them into all manner of beasts and inanimate objects. She did once decide to "find a mortal and marry it." Unfortunately, he turned out to be a warlock looking for mortal normalcy!