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Erin Murphy

Tabitha Stephens

The fraternal Murphy twins were born June 17, 1964. (Coincidentally, June 17 is also the birth date of Elizabeth Montgomery's own daughter, Rebecca Asher.) As children the pair appeared in dozens of commercials, including one with Ronald Reagan (Erin) and one with Henry Fonda (Diane), but they're best known for playing Tabitha on Bewitched. Soon after the show was canceled, both gave up acting but remained in the public eye. Erin, the mother of six boys, lives with her husband Darren (really!) in California and is a frequent featured celebrity at collector shows. Diane, also a California resident, has worked in the non-profit sector and as an analyst. The two made a rare public appearance together -- along with their Bewitched brother David Mandel -- at the 2003 TV Land Awards Show in L.A.

Character Bio

The apple of her father's eye, Tabitha begins to develop her powers of witchcraft in infancy. By the time she is a year old, Tabitha can twitch her nose (with the help of her finger) "just like Mommy." At a time when other mothers would say "Mustn't touch," Samantha was saying "Mustn't twitch." Though usually obedient, remembering to "Pick up her toys and don't fly," she does, on occasion, act like any other child-witch. On her first day in the second grade she changes a bully into a bullfrog. Several years later, she uses "wishcraft" to make herself and her friend Lisa more alike, thereby transforming them both into giggling, polka-dotted playmates.