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Dick Sargent

Darrin Stephens

Dick Sargent was born Richard Cox on April 19, 1930 in Carmel, Calif. Although best remembered as Darrin No. 2 on Bewitched, Sargent was a prolific actor possessing great range. He made his film debut in an uncredited role in the 1956 movie Prisoner of War – also starring Ronald Reagan. Over the course of his career Sargent appeared in numerous motion pictures and made-for-TV movies, and also made guest appearances on TV shows like Gunsmoke and Taxi.

Sargent stepped into the role of Darrin when Dick York was forced to leave the show due to health problems. Sargent had actually first been offered the role in 1964, but was under contract to Universal Studios and unable to accept. By 1969, however, he was free and played Darrin until the show ended in 1972.

Sargent was a champion of gay rights, and he and his former co-star Elizabeth Montgomery -- who had remained a good friend -- were grand marshals at the Los Angeles Gay Pride Day. Sargent died on July 8, 1994.

Character Bio

An advertising executive with McMann and Tate on Madison Avenue in NYC, Darrin's life would never be the same after bumping into Samantha several times on one fateful day in Manhattan. Their courtship was brief but intense, and it wasn't until their wedding night that Samantha confessed to Darrin that she is a witch. To maintain his sanity Darrin asks Samantha to love, honor… and give up witchcraft. Darrin is prone to temperamental outbursts, which are usually instigated by Samantha's family and their constant meddling. The witch-mortal communication gap aside, Darrin is extremely devoted to his family.