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The Beverly Hillbillies

Raymond Bailey

Milburn Drysdale

Raymond Bailey was born on May 6, 1905 in San Francisco, and attempted to start acting in Hollywood during the Depression. Finding it difficult to get work, Bailey found himself in Hawaii acting in community theater. Returning to Hollywood in 1939, Bailey began a long and healthy career in film and television. Perry Mason, Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke and Alfred Hitchcock Presents are among the over 200 television shows on which he appeared before becoming Milburn Drysdale on The Beverly Hillbillies. His numerous film roles include No Time for Sergeants, Vertigo and The Incredible Shrinking Man. Backstage Hillbillies gossip reported that Bailey did not get along well with his fellow cast members, although he remained with the show for its entire run. Bailey died of a heart attack on tax day, April 15, 1980.

Character Bio

As president of the Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills, Milburn Drysdale is determined to keep the fortune of one of its biggest depositors, Jed Clampett, in its place. From the day they move in, the Clampetts are wary of big city ways, and Drysdale makes it his personal mission to keep them from packing up the old pickup and moving back to Bug Tussle. Since his motivation is pure greed, it's fortunate that most of Drysdales attempts at manipulating the Clampetts backfire miserably. An expert suck-up, Drysdale is married to the impossibly snobby socialite, Margaret, and is stuck supporting her gad-about son, Sonny.

The Beverly Hillbillies TV Schedule

November 3
The Old Folks Home
Granny fears that her kin plan to send to an old folks home when they suggest she'd be happier in a country cottage.
Flatt and Scruggs Return
Country music stars Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs return for a song-filled visit to the Clampetts.
November 4
The Folk Singers
Jethro abandons his dangerous career as an "Astronaut" for the even more precarious one of the folk singer.
The Beautiful Maid
A glamorous Swedish actress who yearns to play a hillbilly moves in with the Clampetts to study backwoods dialect. Guest stars Julie Newmar.
November 5
The Bird Watchers
A bird-watching professor jeopardizes Elly May's romance with film star Dash Riprock.
Jethro Gets Engaged
Jethro is elated, sure he's going to be twice as big a movie star as Dash Riprock, when he lands a job as Dash's double.