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The Beverly Hillbillies

Max Baer, Jr.

Jethro Bodine

Unlike the oafish dolt Jethro, Max Baer, Jr. is an educated man with a degree in business administration and a minor in philosophy. Son of heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer, Sr., the younger Baer became a studio player for Warner Brothers soon after graduating from the University of California at Santa Clara. A few years later, he was cast as Jethro (and his look-alike sister Jethrine) and the rest is typecasting history. After the cancellation of The Beverly Hillbillies, Baer moved behind the camera and became a film producer. Baer's first effort, Macon County Line, (which he also wrote) became a big hit and led to his next film, Ode to Billy Joe. Baer appeared in a couple of episodes of Murder She Wrote in the early 90s and still acts from time to time. Currently a resident of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Baer is using his entrepreneurial skills to create "Jethro's Beverly Hillbillies Mansion and Casino," an only-in-America amalgam of gaming and pop culture.

Character Bio

Jed Clampett's nephew, Jethro Bodine, is the ultimate dumb brute. He's a big boy who happily devours all manner of vittles, even if they've been prepared by Elly May. Jethro fancies himself a playboy (and with his sixth-grade education, why not?) and his appetite for Granny's possum stew is matched only by his appetite for pretty women. Believing himself to be more cosmopolitan than the rest of the Clampett clan, Jethro tries his hand at being a double-naught agent, a guru and even a neurosurgeon. Jethro's biggest problems arise when he tries to use his weakest muscle, his brain, and his numbskull schemes get him into nothing but trouble. Something to note: his resemblance to Jethrine Bodine is uncanny!

The Beverly Hillbillies TV Schedule

October 27
The Richest Woman
The richest woman in the world meets some stiff opposition from Jed when she insists on buying the Clampett mansion.
The Trotting Horse
The Hillbillies are unimpressed with the costly champion harness-racing horse that banker Drysdale buys for them as an investment.
October 28
The Buggy
Banker Milburn Drysdale persuades his wife to accept Granny's challenge to a horse and buggy race.
The Cat Burglar
A burglar on the loose in Beverly Hills tries to deceive the Clampetts before robbing their mansion.
October 29
The Big Chicken
Granny discovers an ostrich gulping tomatoes in her backyard and thinks it's a giant chicken.
Sonny Drysdale Returns
Sonny Drysdale pays a return visit to Beverly Hills, rekindling the Clampetts' hopes of a marriage for Elly May.