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The Andy Griffith Show

Paul Hartman

Emmett Clark

Born in 1904, he and his wife, Grace had a comic dance routine in the 1930s and were in several Broadway hits. They won the equivalent of the Tony in 1948. The Hartmans had their own TV series by the same name (1953-55). Paul made guest appearances on a variety of series throughout his career. He joined the cast of The Andy Griffith Show as fix-it man Emmett Clark, in 1967. Paul Hartman died in October, 1973 at the age of 69.

Character Bio

After Floyd left town, Emmett's Fix-It Shop became the new local hang out. Emmett is the handyman of Mayberry.

The Andy Griffith Show TV Schedule

October 2
Barney And The Choir
Barney joins the Mayberry choir, which isn't exactly music to his fellow choir members' ears.
October 3
Guest of Honor
A traveling salesman passing through town is selected as Mayberry's guest of honor. Unfortunately, he's a pickpocket.
October 6
The Merchant of Mayberry
Andy helps a frazzled local salesman become established -- to the chagrin of feisty Ben Weaver.<