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The Andy Griffith Show

George Lindsey

Goober Pyle

George "Goober" Lindsey has made a career of playing Goober, Gomer Pyle's bungling cousin on The Andy Griffith Show. He played Goober on Hee Haw for 20 years while also making nightclub appearances as George "Goober" Lindsey in places like Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe. Although perpetually typecast, Lindsey can be seen in reruns of Gunsmoke, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, M*A*S*H and Matlock. He also has appeared in several feature films, from The Blob to Cannonball Run 2. Later in his career, Lindsey had guest-starring roles on such shows as News Radio and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He also penned an autobiography entitled Goober in a Nutshell.

Character Bio

After his cousin Gomer leaves Mayberry, Goober takes over running Wally's Gas Station. Goober can be quite challenging to deal with as he is often bungling the simplest of tasks. In one of Goober's more intelligent moments, he purchases the station from Wally and goes into business for himself.

The Andy Griffith Show TV Schedule

September 19
Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter
Aunt Bee is smitten by a traveling handyman, but Andy ends up doing all of the work.
September 22
The Clubmen
Andy and Barney become prospective members of an exclusive men's club in Raleigh.
The Pickle Story
Andy, Barney and Opie find themselves in a real pickle when they pretend to love Aunt Bee's homemade kerosene cucumbers.
September 23
Sheriff Barney
Impressed by Mayberry's low crime-rate, officials from a neighboring town ask Barney to become their sheriff.
Andy Griffith stars as Andy Taylor, widowed sheriff of rural Mayberry, North Carolina who raises his young son Opie with the help of his Aunt Bee. Don Knotts stars as Deputy Barney Fife, Andy's bumbling sidekick.