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Andy Griffith

Frances Bavier

Aunt Bee

Francis Bavier began acting in 1925 as a member of various stage productions, and later toured overseas with the USO. In 1951, she began a 365-performance run on Broadway in "Point of No Return", starring Henry Fonda. Soon after that she made the jump to the silver screen in The Day the Earth Stood Still. Several features followed, as well as regular roles on television's The Great Life and The Eve Arden Show. Additionally, she appeared on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Perry Mason and Wagon Train. Aunt Bee became Bavier's signature role. She has the unique distinction of being the only player to endure the entire run of The Andy Griffith Show, and remaining through part of Mayberry, R.F.D. Bavier retired to Siler City, North Carolina after leaving Mayberry, though she did subsequently appear in several commercials and the children's movie Benji in 1974. She died on December 6, 1989 at the age of 87.

Character Bio

Andy's Aunt Bee has been caring for Andy and Opie since their previous housekeeper got married. Bee excels in the skills necessary to run a household. Bee may find herself in a pickle, but she always comes out smiling. Although she's usually found at home, she will, occasionally, go out of town. When she does, Andy and Opie try to make do without her while making sure she feels needed upon her return.

Andy Griffith TV Schedule

October 27
Barney and the Governor
Barney believes that the Mayberry Security Bank is an easy target for robbers.
Man in a Hurry
Opie is dismayed when his friends fall under the influence of a wayward nine-year-old.
October 28
High Noon in Mayberry
A man Andy once shot and sent to prison decides to pay him a visit to set the record straight. Barney is very concerned. Guest Star: Jim Nabors
The Rivals
When Opie's young girlfriend ignores him, the lad finds himself a new one-- Thelma Lou. Barney is not amused.
October 29
A Wife for Andy
Barney does his best to find an eligible young woman for Andy.
Andy, Barney and Opie find themselves sharing the courthouse with 11 dogs. To complicate matters, a jailhouse inspector is expected at any moment.