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The Andy Griffith Show

Don Knotts

Barney Fife

This veteran actor and comedian is best known for his high-strung, bug-eyed portrayal of Deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968), a role for which he won five consecutive Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Knotts was an accomplished comedian before he hit Mayberry, and had a regular stint on the early comedy classic The Tonight Show with Steve Allen, where he honed his nervous, bumbling persona.

Born in West Virginia, Knotts developed a ventriloquist act as a teen, which he performed in and around his hometown of Morgantown WV. When he enlisted in the Army during WWII, he took the act on the road as part of "Stars and Gripes," a special service unit that entertained the troops. After the war, Knotts enrolled in West Virginia University where he majored in theater.

Upon his arrival in New York, Knotts kept busy working comedy clubs and making radio appearances. He met life-long friend Andy Griffith when the two appeared on Broadway in No Time for Sergeants. When The Tonight Show moved to Hollywood, Knotts met up with Griffith again, who told him about a TV show he was developing. It was Knotts who suggested creating the character of Barney Fife.

Knotts went on to translate his awkward, everyman character into numerous television and film roles, including The Incredible Mr. Limpert (1964), The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966), The Shakiest Gun in the West, and two Apple Dumpling Gang (1975 & 1979) flicks with fellow comedian, Tim Conway. Ralph Furley was Knotts' final sitcom role, but he continued to make TV and film appearances almost up until the time of his death in 2006. Twice married, he is survived by a son and daughter.

Character Bio

Simultaneously overconfident and lacking in self-esteem, Barney Fife is a perfect foil to his cousin Andy. Barney is an idea man, though his ideas aren't always on target. He's good at heart, and his advice to "nip it in the bud" always comes from the right place. Barney is a bit flirtatious, as is evidenced by his relationships with local waitress Juanita and his best gal Thelma Lou. A bug-eyed, nervous man, Barney has a tendency to get himself into jams by jumping to conclusions. Fortunately, Andy's always there to help him out and better yet, to make sure Barney never keeps his regulation revolver loaded.

The Andy Griffith Show TV Schedule

November 3
Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee
Attracted by her rose poetry and fine cooking, Briscoe Darling kidnaps Aunt Bee. Guest Star: Denver Pyle
Gomer, The House Guest
Gomer, having lost his job and living quarters in one fell swoop, takes up temporary residence in the Taylor household.
November 4
A Black Day for Mayberry
A truck carrying gold is scheduled to travel through Mayberry while en route to Fort Knox.
Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain
Opie is rewarded with a new bike after receiving straight As.
November 5
Up in Barney's Room
Barney's dear friend and landlord Mrs. Mendelbright kicks him out of his room after being taken in by an elderly con man.
A Date for Gomer
Girl-shy Gomer Pyle is asked to escort Thelma Lou's homely cousin, to the Chamber of Commerce dance. Guest Star: Mary Grace Canfield