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Andy Griffith

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The Andy Griffith Show: Date Night

Andy walks Peggy back to her house after a romantic date. (01:17)

The Andy Griffith Show: Date By The Lake

Andy and Barney take the girls on a date by the lake. (01:52)

The Andy Griffith Show: A Wife for Andy

Barney puts together a list of potential matches for Andy. (01:18)

The Andy Griffith Show: Away in a Manger

Andy and his family get ready for Christmas by giving the jail a festive makeover. (01:54)

The Andy Griffith Show: Barney's Life Lessons

Barney explains the fundamentals of bracing yourself for a fight. (01:19)

About Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith stars as Andy Taylor, widowed sheriff of rural Mayberry, North Carolina who raises his young son Opie with the help of his Aunt Bee. Don Knotts stars as Deputy Barney Fife, Andy's bumbling sidekick.

Andy Griffith TV Schedule

October 20
The Cow Thief
When cows in Mayberry begin to disappear, Mayor Stoner brings in a special investigator.
Barney Mends a Broken Heart
Barney, believing that Andy has split up with Peggy, begins a find-a-girl-for-Andy movement.
October 21
Lawman Barney
Barney is intimidated by a pair of ordinance-breaking produce farmers.Guest Star: Alan Melvin
The Mayberry Band
Andy schemes to get the ragtag Mayberry Band into a Raleigh band festival.
October 22
Floyd the Gay Deceiver
Lonely Hearts Correspondence Club member Floyd Lawson is about to meet his wealthy widowed pen pal. The trouble is Floyd has misrepresented himself as a millionaire.
Opie's Rival
Opie senses a change in his relationship with his father when Andy begins dating Peggy MacMillan.

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