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All in the Family

Archie And The Editorial

Episode: 038 | Aired: September 16, 1972

After arguing about a television editorial favoring gun control, Mike corners Archie into going to the television station to demand equal time for his opposing views. The station manager finds Archie's views and logic so incredulous that he puts him on the air. Immediately following the broadcast, Archie gets a first-hand lesson about the possible need for gun control.

Archie's Fraud

Episode: 039 | Aired: September 23, 1972

Archie didn't report his income from driving a cab on Sundays and now he's in trouble with the IRS. Archie has to see a tax examiner to clear up the problem, and when he overhears a sharp operator try to bribe an IRS official, he gets similar ideas.

The Threat

Episode: 040 | Aired: September 30, 1972

The wife of Duke Loomis, an old air force buddy who saved Archie's life, comes to spend the night with the Bunkers and everyone is thrilled; but when the lady arrives they are surprised at what they see.

Gloria And The Riddle

Episode: 041 | Aired: October 07, 1972

A girlfriend of Gloria's poses a riddle with women's lib overtones that not only puzzles the family, but also stirs an argument about a women's place in society. Mike believes he has a modern, liberal attitude about women's roles, but when Edith solves the riddle, he realizes he had been conditioned to think that only men can hold certain jobs.

Lionel Steps Out

Episode: 042 | Aired: October 14, 1972

Archie's bigotry boils over when he finds out that his 21-year-old niece, who has been visiting from Baltimore, is dating Lionel Jefferson.

Edith Flips Her Wig

Episode: 043 | Aired: October 21, 1972

The Bunker household faces a crisis when Edith is arrested for shoplifting.

The Bunkers and the Swingers

Episode: 044 | Aired: October 28, 1972

The Bunkers find themselves in an embarrassing situation when Edith answers a friendship ad in the swap section of a magazine and her new friends turn out to be "swingers."

Mike Comes Into Money

Episode: 045 | Aired: November 04, 1972

Mike inherits some money and Archie hits the ceiling when he donates $200 to the McGovern campaign rather than giving it to Archie for room and board.

Flashback: Mike And Gloria's Wedding (Part I)

Episode: 046 | Aired: November 11, 1972

On the Stivic's second wedding anniversary, the family recalls how the wedding almost did not take place because Archie and Mike's uncle, Casmir, constantly disagreed on the wedding arrangements.

Flashback: Mike And Gloria's Wedding (Part II)

Episode: 047 | Aired: November 18, 1972

After many arguments and Mike walking out, it seems the problems have been ironed out to the point where the wedding will take place. However, the question of who will marry the couple comes up and the turmoil starts anew.

The Locket

Episode: 048 | Aired: November 25, 1972

Edith's antique locket is missing and Archie sees it as a way to collect from the insurance company to buy a new television set. Confident of getting the insurance money, Archie orders a new color set, only to have an insurance adjuster arrive at the house to question the claim.

Mike's Appendix

Episode: 049 | Aired: December 02, 1972

Mike's emergency appendectomy precipitates an argument between Archie and Gloria regarding the proficiency of women doctors.

Edith's Winning Ticket

Episode: 050 | Aired: December 09, 1972

When Edith finds some old lottery tickets that she has totally forgotten about; Archie hits the roof, claiming she was wasting money. However, Archie's attitude quickly changes when the family discovers one of the tickets is a winner; but there is a catch; Edith claims the tickets don't belong to her.

Archie And The Bowling Team

Episode: 051 | Aired: December 16, 1972

Archie is ecstatic when, after waiting six years, there finally is an opening on the most prestigious bowling team, the Cannonballers, and he is asked to try out.

Archie Goes To The Hospital

Episode: 052 | Aired: January 06, 1973

Archie is bedridden with a very painful backache and Mike is sure it is psychosomatic because every time someone at work mentions that things are going fine without him, Archie's pain gets worse. The doctor, however, thinks Archie needs more care and immediately sends him to the hospital for tests and treatment.

Oh Say Can You See

Episode: 053 | Aired: January 20, 1973

Archie is concerned about getting old, but an encounter with an old buddy convinces him that looks aren't everything.

Archie Goes Too Far

Episode: 054 | Aired: January 27, 1973

Archie's narrow-mindedness gets him in trouble again, but this time even Edith turns against him. A lost magazine and a found poem starts a family feud on the right of privacy, provoking Mike, Gloria, and Edith to move out of the house.

Class Reunion

Episode: 055 | Aired: February 10, 1973

When Edith learns that an old beau is going to be at her high school reunion, she decides to attend. Archie's takes Edith to the reunion, and waits nervously to meet her old boyfriend, who all the women are still raving about after 30 years.

Hot Watch

Episode: 056 | Aired: February 17, 1973

A watch that Archie buys from a friend may actually be stolen property, making Archie an accessory to a crime. At first Archie refuses to believe that his new friend would sell him a "hot" watch, but Mike's suspicions eventually get to Archie.

Archie is Branded

Episode: 057 | Aired: February 24, 1973

The Bunker household goes into a frenzy when a swastika is found on their front door. At first Archie puts the blame for the painted symbol on the kids, but Mike fears it is much more than just a childish prank.

Everybody Tells The Truth

Episode: 058 | Aired: March 03, 1973

The Bunker household unwittingly demonstrates that people see the same situation differently according to their own point of view.

Archie Learns His Lesson

Episode: 059 | Aired: March 10, 1973

The lack of a high school diploma stands in the way of Archie getting a new job, so he sneaks off to night school hoping to complete his high school education. Archie is too embarrassed to tell Mike and Gloria the reason he has been going out every night.

Gloria, The Victim

Episode: 060 | Aired: March 17, 1973

An innocent Saturday afternoon walk home past a construction site turns into a nightmarish encounter for Gloria. She's insulted, but struggles with her conscience over whether to report the incident to the police or keep silent, thereby sparing herself further embarrassment.

The Battle of the Month

Episode: 061 | Aired: March 24, 1973

Edith's feelings are deeply hurt when she and Gloria quarrel over Archie's treatment of women and Edith in particular. The spat between the ladies is so serious it threatens the future harmony of the household. It also puts a strain on Gloria's marriage when Mike takes exception to Gloria's treatment of her mother.