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All in the Family

Meet the Bunkers

Episode: 001 | Aired: January 12, 1971

It's Edith and Archie Bunker's wedding anniversary. Edith manages to drag Archie to church. Gloria and her husband, Mike try to whip up a party atmosphere for the parents.

Writing the President

Episode: 002 | Aired: January 19, 1971

Upon learning that his "meathead" son-in-law, Mike, has written a letter of criticism to President Nixon, Archie becomes so upset that he writes a letter of his own in praise of Nixon.

Oh, My Aching Back

Episode: 003 | Aired: January 26, 1971

Archie tries to sue for whiplash after a minor auto accident and seeks out a Jewish lawyer to fight the case for him.

Archie Gives Blood

Episode: 004 | Aired: February 02, 1971

Mike shames Archie into being a blood donor, but he insists on knowing who the blood will be going to, retaining his suspicions that "black blood" is different from "white blood."

Judging Books By Covers

Episode: 005 | Aired: February 09, 1971

Archie ridicules one of Mike and Gloria's friends for being gay. Ironically, Archie finds out he isn't, but one of Archie's beer-drinking buddies is.

Gloria is Pregnant

Episode: 006 | Aired: February 16, 1971

Archie goes through the ceiling when he finds out that Gloria is going to have a baby and his son-in-law has no means of supporting the child. Archie's attitude finally goads Mike into getting an apartment.

Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit

Episode: 007 | Aired: February 23, 1971

Mike invites a young couple to spend the night at the Bunker house, but runs into objections when Archie finds out the visitors are not married.

Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood

Episode: 008 | Aired: March 02, 1971

Archie tries in vain to prevent a black family from moving into his neighborhood. The family turns out to be the Bunkers' friend Lionel Jefferson and his folks.

Edith Has Jury Duty

Episode: 009 | Aired: March 09, 1971

Over Archie's objection, Edith accepts a call to serve on a jury hearing a murder case which may keep her away from home for weeks. Archie's fears are realized when Edith becomes the lone dissenting jurist.

Archie Is Worried About His Job

Episode: 010 | Aired: March 16, 1971

Archie spends a sleepless night worrying because he thinks he's about to lose his job, but, when Archie is up worrying, the rest of the family has to be up worrying too.

Gloria Discovers Women's Lib

Episode: 011 | Aired: March 23, 1971

Gloria discovers Women's Lib and winds up moving out of the Bunker household after an argument with Mike during which she demands that he treat her as an equal. With too much pride to go after her, Mike remains at the Bunkers, seemingly more concerned about his grades at school than the absence of his wife.

Success Story

Episode: 012 | Aired: March 30, 1971

William Windom guest stars as Eddie Frazier, a wealthy friend of Archie's, whose arrival from Beverly Hills prompts Archie to organize a reunion of their old army buddies. Frazier, however, reveals himself to be more troubled than he'd like his friends to know.

The First and Last Supper

Episode: 013 | Aired: April 06, 1971

At the same time that Archie is circulating a petition to keep more black families from moving into the neighborhood, Edith accepts an invitation to have dinner with the Jeffersons. Archie tries to get out of the engagement by claiming Edith has sprained her ankle, but only compounds his situation when Lionel's folks decide to bring dinner to the Bunker house.