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The A-Team

Diamonds 'n Dust

Episode: 015 | Aired: September 20, 1983

The A-Team goes in search of a hidden diamond mine in the African jungle while transporting a dangerous cargo of dynamite.

Recipe for Heavy Bread

Episode: 016 | Aired: September 27, 1983

A chance meeting in a posh Los Angeles restaurant and a glimpse of a familiar face leads The A-Team on an adventure to save the life of the Vietnamese cook who helped them escape from the prisoner-of-war camp in Vietnam.

The Only Church in Town

Episode: 017 | Aired: October 11, 1983

A mysterious call for help from Peck's former girlfriend sends the A-Team on a rescue mission to a desolate South American orphanage.

Bad Time on the Border

Episode: 018 | Aired: October 18, 1983

B.A. befriends a lost little Mexican girl, who leads him to a covert smuggling ring involved with illegally transporting aliens across the border.

When You Comin' Back Part 1

Episode: 019 | Aired: October 25, 1983

The A-Team heads west for a special two-part adventure tracking wild mustangs on the open range.

When You Comin' Back Part 2

Episode: 020 | Aired: October 25, 1983

In part two, the A-Team sabotages one of the trainloads of mustangs heading south of the border and B.A. and Hannibal are captured by an evil rancher and his henchmen.

The Taxicab Wars

Episode: 021 | Aired: November 01, 1983

The A-Team rolls into the middle of a cab war to help save the Lonestar Cab Company from the Love Cab Company's reign of terror.

Labor Pains

Episode: 022 | Aired: November 08, 1983

The A-Team helps a group of overworked and underpaid farm workers institute a union, yet their boss has other ideas.

There's Always a Catch

Episode: 023 | Aired: November 15, 1983

The A-Team decides to help a family whose livelihood as fishermen seems doomed due to an extortionist.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Episode: 024 | Aired: November 22, 1983

The A-Team joins forces with three handicapped Vietnam veterans and Amanda Huston to keep the insidious Frank Gaines off their land and out of "Deadman," their town.


Episode: 025 | Aired: November 29, 1983

The demolition of an old warehouse becomes a war zone with the A-Team when a dangerous mob figure does not want old evidence excavated from the ruins.

The White Ballot

Episode: 026 | Aired: December 06, 1983

Face runs for Sheriff in a small Wyoming town in the hopes of exposing its incumbent, a crooked law enforcement officer.

The Maltese Cow

Episode: 027 | Aired: December 13, 1983

Sam Yeng and his restaurant, the Golden Pagoda, risk ruination at the hands of a powerful Chinese group due to protection money owed.

In Plane Sight

Episode: 028 | Aired: January 03, 1984

The A-Team is hired to prove the innocence of a man convicted of smuggling cocaine in South America.

The Battle of Bel Air

Episode: 029 | Aired: January 10, 1984

Undercover reporter Tawnia Baker contacts the A-Team with a special request.

Say it With Bullets

Episode: 030 | Aired: January 17, 1984

The A-Team members are hired to expose a murderer who is selling weapons from an Army base to the highest bidder.

Pure-Dee Poison

Episode: 031 | Aired: January 31, 1984

The A-Team is hired to break up a large moonshine operation.

It's a Desert out There

Episode: 032 | Aired: February 07, 1984

When a busload of elderly people is robbed by a desert gang, the A-Team is hired to retrieve their possessions.

Chopping Spree

Episode: 033 | Aired: February 14, 1984

The A-Team must break up a car theft ring before B.A.'s van is converted into a million parts.

Harder than it Looks

Episode: 034 | Aired: February 21, 1984

The A-Team matches wits with a terrorist group, yet the case takes unexpected turns. Factoid: This episode was directed by "Hogan's Heroes" alumnus Ivan Dixon.

Deadly Maneuvers

Episode: 035 | Aired: February 28, 1984

B.A., Face, and Murdock are captured by terrorists and held in a dairy-farm prison, leaving Tawnia and Hannibal to devise a deadly rescue mission.

Semi-Friendly Persuasion

Episode: 036 | Aired: May 08, 1984

The A-Team members are hired to help a peaceful group known as the Society of Men combat terrorists and remain in their community.

Curtain Call

Episode: 037 | Aired: May 15, 1984

It looks like the A-Team's time has run out when Lt. Decker and his men have them surrounded and Murdock is suffering from a gunshot wound which requires immediate medical attention.