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The A-Team

Dwight Schultz

Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad Murdock"

Born in Baltimore, Dwight Schultz earned a B.A. in Theater Arts from Maryland's Towson State University. His early work was primarily on stage, and he won the Drama-Logue award for his role in The Crucifix of Blood starring Charlton Heston. Schultz worked odd jobs in New York City while honing his craft, moonlighting as everything from waiter and door-to-door salesman to pest-control officer. Roles on CHiPs and Hill Street Blues helped him get noticed, and a co-starring role with Kate Jackson in the TV movie Thin Ice led to his audition for The A-Team.

Though the wacky "Howling Mad" Murdock is still Schultz's best-known character he also won fans with parts in Lois & Clark, Star Trek: Voyager and the Fantasy Island remake. He has performed voiceover work as Stan on The Chimp Channel and in the Emmy-winning animated series Chowder, as the character of chef Mung Daal.

Character Bio

A seasoned pilot, Murdock flew for the A-Team in Vietnam. During his final tour of duty, the pressures of war left him, well, howling mad, as his nickname implies. Though he is famously institutionalized at the Veteran's Hospital, the Team breaks him out frequently for special covert assignments (much to the chagrin of B.A., who finds Murdock's antics intolerable). Although Murdock hears imaginary voices and has frequent delusional visions, he is an excellent pilot and a valued member. He's the supply officer, ranking second in command to Hannibal.