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The A-Team

Dirk Benedict

Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck

Born Dirk Niewoehner in 1945, this Helena, Mont. native changed his name to Benedict reportedly at the suggestion of his agent - who was inspired by a plate of eggs. Benedict began his career in the early '70s in films like Georgia, Georgia and the unforgettable Sssssss, in which he plays a scientist who transforms into a giant cobra. He made an early appearance on Hawaii Five-O, as well as appearing in local and regional theater.

Benedict got a break when he landed the part of Officer Gil Foley in Chopper One that led to a couple of key guest spots (on Charlie's Angels and The Love Boat) and the series that made him a star, the original Battlestar Galactica. Though the series was relatively short-lived, it opened the door to The A-Team, where he had another memorable role (as sexy ladies' man Face). Of the experience, he said, "It was pretty much four years of laughter."

A survivor of prostate cancer, Benedict is an advocate of exercise and the macrobiotic diet. He has written of his life and philosophy in the books Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy and And Then I Went Fishing. Benedict is still acting and has appeared in several series, including Walker, Texas Ranger and Murder, She Wrote. He has also written several plays and screenplays, and came in third in the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother.

Character Bio

Known as Faceman to the rest of the Team, Lt. Templeton Peck earned his moniker from his penchant for creating disguises and slipping behind enemy lines. Peck is a smooth talker who can wile his way out of just about any jam. He's also a ladies' man and especially adept at using his skills of persuasion on members of the fairer sex. Faceman is the supply officer to The A-Team, ranking second in command to Hannibal.