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Latest Full Episode Updates

30 minutes ago

The Jim Gaffigan Show


“Time Out New York” features Jim on its cover, calling him “Superdad.” Jeannie is happy for him, but upset that the article leaves out any mention of her. Jim tries to make things right.

Aired: September 2, 2015

38 minutes ago



A psychopathic outlaw takes over Dodge in Matt's absence, holding the town hostage as he awaits an expected gold shipment.

Aired: March 2, 1970

31 minutes ago

The Exes

Gone Girls

Holly and Nicki plan a girls’ night out, but wind up competing for the same guy. Phil realizes dating a movie star is much more difficult than he imagined.

Aired: September 2, 2015

28 minutes ago


Bingo Tell It On The Mountain

A new family’s arrival in town could mean the end for Buddy. Dora asks Buddy to help her overcome a bizarre addiction. Schmidt has a rendezvous with Ashlee.

Aired: September 2, 2015

46 minutes ago

Everybody Loves Raymond

Who's Next

Debra gets annoyed with Ray when he seems pleased that shes picked one of her attractive friends to replace her if she dies. When Marie informs them an elderly neighbor, Rose Caputo, passed away, Frank wonders why Marie is taking the news so hard; she reveals she had chosen Rose to "replace" her if she died before Frank. That night, Debra tells Ray shes chosen her attractive friend Linda for him. Debra gets angry, though, when Ray smiles at the thought of Linda, and is further upset when Ray suggests Lindas out-of-shape husband Bernie for her. Debra decides to cancel plans with Bernie and Linda because she wants to keep Ray away from his "future wife" only to run into them by accident at Roses wake.

Aired: April 14, 2003

38 minutes ago

The King of Queens

Educating Doug

Doug and Carrie are talking to a salesman when he uses a word they do not know. Carrie is bothered by this and decides it is time for them to try to become smarter, and they sign up for a reading class together which ends up being more than Doug can handle.

Aired: November 9, 1998


The Golden Girls

Great Expectations

Rose joins a positive thinking group and tries to get a pessimistic Dorothy to join. Meanwhile, Blanche is scared to get serious with her latest boyfriend, especially after he has a heart attack.

Aired: January 13, 1990


Family Feud

Ianitello Family vs. Davis Family

Comedian Steve Harvey hosts as the Ianitello family of Woodstock, GA battles the Davis family of Dublin, GA.

Aired: October 7, 2014

September 1, 2015

Three's Company

Secret Admirer

After receiving a slew of notes from a secret admirer, Chrissy sets up a rendezvous to blow the guy off once and for all - that is, until she meets him.

Aired: March 11, 1980

August 28, 2015


Blessed Are They

Ben is appointed to decide who will get custody of the twin grandchildren of two feuding families. It is a decision that Ben tries to make with the help of Reverend Jordan, the new minister.

Aired: April 21, 1962