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Company Of Forgotten Men

Candy meets an old friend, ex-soldier Russell, who was forced to retire from Army after 30 years of service. Russell and the other former soldiers, with whom he is traveling, received no pension when the army retired them. Candy is forced to become an accomplice in their plan to rob the Carson City mint and hold the gold until the government agrees to give them pensions.

Aired: February 1, 1969


I Love Lucy

Lucy Goes to Scotland

Lucy wants to go to Scotland to seek members of the McGillicuddy family into which she was born.

Aired: February 19, 1956



The Truth Be Told

Roseanne learns some truths about the price of fame when two high-powered television programmers bombard her with all sorts of bizarre ideas about how network and cable TV would tell her life story. Roseanne is appalled to learn that one wants to sanitize her life and the other wants to spice it up. At the same time, Bev is happily telling stories about Roseanne to a friendly florist, unaware that he is actually a tabloid reporter.

Aired: March 18, 1997


The King of Queens

S'no Job

Doug's uncle Stu asks him to get Danny a job at IPS and Doug doesn't want Danny working there. He gets Danny the interview but convinces Supervisor O'Boyle to not hire him, then Doug feels guilty about it.

Aired: May 14, 2001

March 26, 2015

Everybody Loves Raymond

Grandpa Steals

Frank must find a way to fix his image with Ally when she catches him "sampling" some trail mix at the supermarket. After Ally sees Frank get into an argument with the assistant produce manager, Debra tells Ray to talk to Frank about the incident. Ray reluctantly tells his father he upset Ally, and now Frank must find a way to make amends to his granddaughter.

Aired: January 6, 2003

March 26, 2015

The Soul Man

No Weddings and Ten Funerals

Boyce feels like his congregation is dying on him after presiding over too many funerals, so Lolli and Nikki convince him to visit a mega church with a younger crowd. Stamps gets involved with a woman under false pretenses.

Aired: March 25, 2015

March 26, 2015


Island in the Desert Part 1

Strother Martin guest-stars as Ben Snow, a half-crazed desert hermit who saves Festus's life--only to force him to become a human pack animal.

Aired: December 2, 1974

March 26, 2015

Hot in Cleveland

Family Affair

The women take a DNA test and learn about their ancestries. Melanie pretends to be someone else when she meets a handsome relative. Victoria finds out she’s a Native American. Joy and Elka make a startling discovery.

Aired: March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

The Golden Girls

One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest Part 2

Dorothy accepts Lucas's marriage proposal and they wed. Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy say a tearful goodbye with Dorothy planning on moving to Atlanta. Meanwhile, Sophia makes a final decision on where she wants to live. Guest Star: Herb Edelman

Aired: May 9, 1992

March 25, 2015

Family Feud

Hutchinson Family vs. Rios Family

Comedian Steve Harvey hosts as the Hutchinson family of Gainsville, FL battles the Rios family of Chicago, IL.

Aired: November 1, 2014