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Don't Miss A Good Bet

The Andy Griffith Show

Don't Miss A Good Bet

Floyd and Goober are among the investors in a questionable scheme to unearth a buried treasure. Guest Star: Roger Perry (as con man George Jones) who played Mr. Charles Parker in The Facts of Life.

Aired: January 2, 1967



Company Of Forgotten Men

Candy meets an old friend, ex-soldier Russell, who was forced to retire from Army after 30 years of service. Russell and the other former soldiers, with whom he is traveling, received no pension when the army retired them. Candy is forced to become an accomplice in their plan to rob the Carson City mint and hold the gold until the government agrees to give them pensions.

Aired: February 2, 1969


The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Bad Old Days

Buddy convinces Rob that--like all American husbands--he is being dominated by a woman.

Aired: April 4, 1962

Sam McTavish, M.D.


Sam McTavish, M.D.

Doc Adams considers it a threat to both himself and his patients when a woman doctor arrives to become his replacement. Vera Miles guest-stars.

Aired: October 5, 1970


I Love Lucy

The Operetta

Lucy persuades members of her women's club to stage her original operetta with 'John Charles Ricardo' as the leading man. Lucy plays a witchlike gypsy in the show, and Ricky plays the hero 'good Prince Lancelot.' In the midst of the performance, men from the costume and scenery rental company arrive and proceed to repossess the items.

Aired: October 13, 1952


The Cosby Show

The Infantry Has Landed (and They've Fallen off the Roof)

Clair tries to help Rudy embrace her newfound "womanhood," while Theo attempts to build a psychological profile of Cliff as a class assignment.

Aired: November 8, 1990

Homeward Bound


Homeward Bound

Darlene visits, making David realize how much he misses her; Roseanne urges Dan to have a man-to-man chat with D. J. after they discover he's been spending too much time behind locked doors.

Aired: November 2, 1993

The Angry Family

Everybody Loves Raymond

The Angry Family

Ray and Debra are more than a little concerned when they realize that the constant bickering and screaming that goes on between them and Rays parents are having an effect on young Michael. In an effort to make things better, the whole family meets with the schools counselor and a local clergyman to uncover what -- and who -- is to blame.

Aired: September 24, 2001

King Of Queens 170

The King of Queens

Slippery Slope

Doug decides to go listen to a presentation about a timeshare at a ski resort so that he can get a free plasma TV. Carrie gets worried that one of the salesmen will convince Doug to buy something and wants to leave. Spence and Danny pretend to be a gay couple to get a free TV too.

Aired: May 9, 2005


The Golden Girls

The Actor

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose each vie for the attention of an actor in the local community theatre, who on the sly begins romancing each of them.

Aired: January 17, 1987