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I Love Lucy

The Kleptomaniac

Ricky discovers a large amount of cash in Lucy's purse and a cache of silverware and other valuables in a closet. Unaware that Lucy is collecting items for a club bazaar, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that she's a kleptomaniac. Joseph Kearns, Guest Star: Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace

Aired: April 6, 1952


The Golden Girls

Stand By Your Man

Blanche meets a man at the library and only after they make a date does she realize he's in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Rose wants to keep one of the puppies from Dreyfuss's litter despite Blanche's feelings.

Aired: December 1, 1990


The Dick Van Dyke Show

There's No Sale Like Wholesale

Rob and Laura learn that buying a fur coat wholesale can be trouble when their "connection" is Buddy Sorrell.

Aired: May 25, 1965


The Cosby Show

Theo's Flight

After a member of the Tuskegee Airmen makes a speech at their school, Theo and Cockroach decide that their main purpose in life is to fly.

Aired: November 6, 1986


The Andy Griffith Show

Barney And The Choir

Barney joins the Mayberry choir, which isn't exactly music to his fellow choir members' ears. Look For: Thelma Lou telling Andy that Barney can't sing a lick.

Aired: February 18, 1962




Newly finds himself in a strange alliance with a professional killer as he tries to get his prisoner to Dodge City before they are both killed by bounty hunters.

Aired: January 20, 1975



The Lady From Baltimore

The Ponderosa is visited by the wife and daughter of Ben's old friend Horace Banning. Deborah Banning has a plan to have her daughter Melinda marry a Cartwright and escape poverty. She poses as a woman of wealth and Joe falls in love with Melinda as planned. The problem is Melinda doesn't love Joe-she loves Adam.

Aired: January 13, 1962


Everybody Loves Raymond

How They Met

Memories of how they first met flood back when Ray and Debra prepare Ally for her first play date with a little boy. The first time Ray and Debra laid eyes on each other; their first kiss; the first time Marie met her future daughter-in-law (and what she thought of her!); and the first time Ray sampled Debras cooking are all revealed. Its a flashback episode as Ray and Debra reminisce about their fateful first meeting 15 years before.

Aired: May 24, 1999


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Mary, Joseph and Larry

Larry and Jeff are unable to create believable alibis for Jeff's late-night phone call. Later, Larry accidentally ruins the family manger scene and rents a manger scene to make up for it. Guest Stars: Paul Dooley

Aired: November 10, 2002



Lover's Lane

Roseanne checks out Becky's new boyfriend Chip during a family outing to the bowling alley; Jackie and Booker are bowling for more than dollars.

Aired: December 6, 1988