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Exes, The

Three Men and a Maybe

Holly rushes to look for sperm donors when she finds out her biological clock is rounding midnight. The guys pledge to find her the perfect match—and who could be more perfect than themselves?

Aired: August 1, 2012


The Golden Girls

Grab That Dough

Sophia gets tickets for "Grab That Dough". However, she used her Sicilian mailing address instead of her own. The girls rush over to California just to make the taping.

Aired: January 23, 1988


Everybody Loves Raymond


When Rays in-laws come for a visit, he begs his parents to be nice to them and accept their differences even though their lifestyles are worlds apart. Ray admits to his parents that he doesnt always see eye to eye with Debras folks but manages to fake it - - and hed like his parents to do the same when they all go out and try to have a family dinner. The request, however, proves to be a tall order for Frank and Marie.

Aired: November 1, 1996



The Judas Gun

The feud between ranchers Noah Haimes and Clete Bolden is rekindled by the romance of Haimes's only son and Bolden's only daughter.

Aired: January 19, 1970


Andy Griffith Show

Case of the Punch on the Nose

Barney brews up trouble when he attempts to solve an old assault case between Floyd the barber and grocer Charlie Foley. Look For: Larry Hovis (as Gilly Walker) went on to play Sergeant Andrew Carter in Hogan's Heroes.

Aired: March 14, 1965



First Cousin, Twice Removed

A wealthy and successful cousin whom Roseanne hasn't seen in 25 years comes to bury the hachet, and encourages Darlene to leave home.

Aired: February 16, 1993


I Love Lucy

Lucy Misses the Mertzes

The Ricardos wind up in a mix-up with their old friends Fred and Ethel Mertz.

Aired: February 10, 1957


Family Feud

Lathrop Family vs. Satram Family

Comedian Steve Harvey hosts as the Lathrop family of Waterford, CT battles the Satram family of Louisville, KY.

Aired: October 4, 2014


The Cosby Show

The Birthday Party

The Huxtable household gears up for Olivia's fourth birthday party.

Aired: January 25, 1990



The Pressure Game

Laura Daytons Aunt Lil comes to visit and quickly decides its time she help the hesitant Adam propose to her favorite niece. Her plan to make Adam jealous by using his cousin Will doesnt go exactly as planned.

Aired: May 9, 1964