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Everybody Loves Raymond

The Sneeze

Ray fears that he is going to come down with something dreadful after someone sneezes on him. When Marie hears that Ray is under the weather, she doesn't waste any time in coddling her younger son with homemade chicken soup, special treats and intense TLC. He laps up every second of it, much to Debra's disgust. Sometimes when you're sick, all you want is your mommy.

Aired: November 27, 2000


The Exes

Baby Mama

Holly tries to get to the bottom of a big secret between Eden and her boss. Stuart is about to be reunited with his beloved dog – until Phil loses him.

Aired: July 11, 2012


The King of Queens

Friender Bender

Doug and Carrie get in a fender bender with Deacon and Kelly, and the agreement for Doug and Carrie to pay for the damages to Deacon and Kelly's car causes problems between the two couples. Meanwhile, Spence babysits Deacon and Kelly's son, Kirby, who, not understanding what "allergic" means, believes Spence to be afraid of peanuts and stops calling him the "Spencinator," referring to him as the "Scaredinator" instead.

Aired: October 15, 2001

October 2, 2015

Hot in Cleveland

Love Is Blind

Victoria’s daughter Emmy is back for a visit with some very surprising news – she’s engaged to Melanie’s son Will! Guest Stars: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Joe Jonas

Aired: January 25, 2012

September 27, 2015

Instant Mom

No Retreat, No Surrender

Gabby and James’ fighting gets so out of hand that Stephanie and Charlie stop punishing them altogether, hoping they will eventually work things out by themselves, but their plan does not go as smoothly as they hope.

Aired: September 26, 2015

August 13, 2015


Ex Communication

When Buddy tries to help Alexa escape her dark past, he puts both of their lives in danger. Dora has a meltdown when she learns her ex-fiance is getting married.

Aired: August 12, 2015

August 6, 2015

The Jim Gaffigan Show

In the Name of the Father

Jim and Jeannie agree to have dinner with Daniel and his father Art to serve as buffers in their tense father/son relationship. After finishing dinner Dave joins the group for their wild night.

Aired: August 5, 2015

April 22, 2015


Girl Code

After lending Kelsey a hand in the bathroom, Liza joins Kelsey's inner circle and neglects Maggie at the worst possible time. Diana's excited by the arrival of Empirical's handsome and potentially soon-to-be-divorced publisher.

Aired: April 21, 2015

April 9, 2015

The Soul Man

Voice Over

When Lolli persuades Boyce to sell his “Boyce The Voice” memorabilia on eBay, it makes him nostalgic for his singing career. Barton volunteers at the homeless shelter and Stamps becomes a minister online to avoid paying taxes.

Aired: April 8, 2015