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Latest Full Episode Updates


I Love Lucy

Lucy Plays Cupid

Lucy tries to arrange a match between a love-starved old lady and a giddy grocery man.

Aired: January 13, 1952




Dan and Roseanne try to talk Mark into coming back to Becky; meanwhile, Roseanne finds out that David is living with Darlene and heads for Chicago to confront them.

Aired: January 11, 1994



The Flapjack Contest

Ben sends Joe into Virginia City to pick up the mail. Joe picks up the mail including a letter and a package from Adam. Joe is bushwhacked on the way home and the package from Adam is stolen. The letter from Adam states he is sending home a valuable ruby he bought for $1,000. Little Joe hides the theft from his father to keep Pa from asking too many questions about his poker-playing and late night activities.

Aired: January 2, 1965

November 25, 2014

Three's Company

A Black Letter Day

Janet and Chrissy suspect each other when they both read a letter written to an advice columnist about a man having an affair with one of his roommates.

Aired: December 11, 1979

November 24, 2014

Everybody Loves Raymond

Angry Sex

Ray craftily turns what looks to be misfortune, after Debra and Marie fight, into a night of passion by helping Debra channel her emotions into what he terms "angry sex." The next evening, while Ray tells Robert, Gianni and Bernie details of his wild night, an enraged Debra returns after a day of shopping with Amy. Ray excitedly kicks everyone out of his house so he can "tend" to his wife. Marie disrupts the plan as she comes in the house through the kitchen with a cake and wants to apologize to Debra.

Aired: October 4, 2004

November 23, 2014

Hot in Cleveland

Bossy Cups

Inspirational coffee sleeves encourage the women to try new things. Joy helps Victoria create lifestyle videos for her website. Melanie tries to install shelves without Frankie’s help. Elka stirs up romance with Jim.

Aired: November 19, 2014

November 23, 2014

The King of Queens

Crappy Birthday

Carrie's thirtieth birthday comes and she doesn't like getting older.

Aired: February 1, 1999

November 23, 2014

The Exes

Love And Death

Holly joins a grief support group to meet a man. Stuart and Haskell help prepare Phil for a talk show appearance after he develops a lisp.

Aired: November 19, 2014

October 19, 2014

The Andy Griffith Show

Three Wishes for Opie

Superstitious Barney believes that the spirit of Count Istvan Teleky is the reason that wishes are coming true in Mayberry. Look For: The exceptional background music during this show.

Aired: December 20, 1964

October 15, 2014

Family Feud

Holcomb Family vs. Davis Family

Comedian Steve Harvey hosts as the Holcomb family of Rowlett, TX battles the Davis family of Atlanta, GA.