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Latest Full Episode Updates

5 hours ago

I Love Lucy

Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald

Haunted by the thought that he is growing bald, Ricky seeks Lucy's help and she comes up with an unorthodox treatment.

Aired: June 1, 1952

5 hours ago


The Auld Sod

Town drunk Danny Lynch has been writing his mother in Ireland about the fabulous ranch he owns in Ponderosa. The Cartwrights are dumbfounded when she comes to the ranch to visit. They must make Danny tell her the truth.

Aired: February 3, 1962

5 hours ago


Here's to Good Friends

Roseanne and Jackie agree to help Crystal drown her sorrows over a recent break up by taking her to the Lobo Lounge for a few pink squirrels.

Aired: December 20, 1988

5 hours ago

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Uhny Uftz

Rob sees a flying saucer and tracks it to its lair--the office above his own.

Aired: September 28, 1965

5 hours ago

The King of Queens

Deconstructing Carrie

Carrie is feeling depressed about her looks with her 35th birthday approaching. Doug decides to get construction workers to hit on her as she walks by

Aired: March 2, 2005

5 hours ago

Everybody Loves Raymond

Sex Talk

Ray and Debra are discouraged when they realize that their sex life isn't what it used to be. They shrug it off by assuring each other that its not an unusual occurrence for older couples to experience since the kids are always underfoot, they're sleep deprived, etc. Trying to make themselves feel better, they approach Frank and Marie about what constitutes a normal sex life for an older couple, but are left feeling more inadequate when they discover the bedroom secrets of the elder Barones.

Aired: October 11, 1999

5 hours ago

The Golden Girls

Sisters of the Bride

Blanche's gay brother Clayton, makes a visit to Miami with a surprise, he has found the right person to make a commitment to, but Blanche still can't get over Clayton's sexual orientation. Meanwhile, Rose expects to win a Volunteer of the Year award.

Aired: January 12, 1991

5 hours ago

The Cosby Show

A Girl and Her Dog

Rudy and Peter discover that pet care is a serious responsibility when they take in a lost dog.

Aired: December 4, 1986

5 hours ago


Brides And Grooms

Farmer Jed Hackett decides it is time his three sons marry the women they brought back from Dodge. Harry Morgan and David Soul guest-star.

Aired: February 10, 1975

5 hours ago

The Andy Griffith Show

Aunt Bee The Warden

When the Mayberry jail cells are full, Andy has little choice but to temporarily incarcerate town drunk Otis Campbell in his home. Aunt Bee, to whom Otis refers as Bloody Mary, proves to be an effective warden.

Aired: March 11, 1962