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Latest Full Episode Updates

10 hours ago


Tolerate Thy Neighbor

Roseanne's new neighbors the Bowmans are robbed while they are out of town.

Aired: October 15, 1991

10 hours ago

I Love Lucy

Lucy's Italian Movie

En route to Rome by train, Lucy is spotted by a famous Italian cinema director and chosen to play a part in his new movie 'Bitter Grapes.' Lucy sets out to immerse herself in the role. When she nonchalantly wanders into a vineyard inhabited by a motley assortment of Italian-speaking women, she is dispatched to the wine-making area to crush grapes with her feet. This episode has the classic scene of Lucy in the wine vat.

Aired: April 15, 1956

10 hours ago

Everybody Loves Raymond

The Shower

Debra gives a bridal shower for Amy, but her good intentions get sidetracked by Marie's overzealous participation. When Marie attempts to "take over" Amys wedding shower, Debra gets upset and yells at her, prompting Marie to leave in a huff. Returning to the party festivities, Debra drinks a little too much Champagne and winds up being too tipsy to drive. When she cant reach Ray on the phone, Debra decides to take a nap in her car with the keys in the ignition and is awakened by a police officer, who arrests her for drunk driving. When her license is suspended, Debra finds herself in a precarious situation after shes forced to rely on Marie for help.

Aired: April 28, 2003

10 hours ago

The Andy Griffith Show

Fun Girls

When the fun girls from Mt. Pilot return to Mayberry, Andy and Barney are soon in trouble with Helen and Thelma Lou. Factoid: This is the only episode in which Gomer and his cousin Goober Pyle appear together.

Aired: April 12, 1964

10 hours ago


The Gentleman From New Orleans

A man comes to town claiming to be Pirate Lafitte but Ben has met Lafitte in the past and doesnt recognize him. The man tells tales of his so-called adventures. Hoss makes friends with the man who returns the favor by collecting a debt for Hoss from Amos Whittaker. When Whittaker is found with Lafittes knife, Hoss is the only one who believes him innocent.

Aired: February 1, 1964

10 hours ago

The Golden Girls

The Sisters

For Sophia's birthday, Dorothy flies in her sister, Angela, from Sicily as a surprise. However, Dorothy's the one whos surprised when Sophia's reaction is that of disgust. Guest Star: Nancy Walker

Aired: January 3, 1987

10 hours ago

The Cosby Show

Denise: The Saga Continues

Denise returns from Africa with a pair of surprises. One is a husband, Martin, and the other is a stepdaughter, Olivia.

Aired: September 21, 1989


Three's Company

Chrissy and the Guru

A fast-talking con man tries to convince a down-on-her-luck Chrissy that he's a spiritual guru and that she belongs with him on his commune.

Aired: October 24, 1978



Johnny Cross

In Matt's absence, deputy Newly O'Brien tracks down a wanted man, saves him from the bounty hunters, and finally establishes his innocence. Harry Dean Stanton guest-stars.

Aired: December 22, 1968


The King of Queens

Doug Out

Doug calls Arthur a demented old circus monkey and Arthur overhears it. Later Carrie is doing an impression of him and he walks in on that. To make up for it Doug decides to bring Arthur to a Mets game he won tickets for after being named employee of the month. While trying to make Arthur happy both Carrie and Doug wind up in jail.

Aired: October 25, 1999