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Latest Full Episode Updates


The King of Queens

Parent Trapped

Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie to become godparents.

Aired: October 11, 1999


Everybody Loves Raymond

Let's Fix Robert

Marie gathers Roberts ex-girlfriends Amy and Stefania and his female police partner Judy together so they can dissect his character in an effort to help her better understand why her eldest son cant commit to a relationship. Unfortunately, Robert unexpectedly drops in and is forced by his mother to listen to his character being assassinated by the women as they discuss his relationship hang-ups in detail and compare notes on his quirky dating behavior, inability to commit and flawed personality.

Aired: April 30, 2001


The Cosby Show

Dance Mania

Clair gets Theo and Cockroach tickets to a TV dance show. Adam Sandler guest stars.

Aired: December 3, 1987


I Love Lucy

Million-Dollar Idea

Lucy and Ethel have visions of making a million dollars by bottling and selling old-fashioned salad dressing -- until their operations reach the point of diminishing returns, largely because of their bizarre views on how to run a business. Watch as Lucy and Ethel, a.k.a. Isabella Klump and Margaret McMertz, invent the infomercial.

Aired: January 10, 1954



No Talking

Becky gives Roseanne the silent treatment.

Aired: December 12, 1989


The Andy Griffith Show

Class Reunion

Andy and Barney orchestrate and attend a very memorable class reunion. Look For: Andy and Barney singing 'Mayberry Union High.'

Aired: February 3, 1963



The Decision

When Hoss is injured on a cattle drive, Ben seeks the town doctor only to find him in jail waiting to be hanged for murder. Ben asks the judge to release him so that he can save Hoss' life, but the judge refuses as the judge's wife died in Doctor Johns' care.

Aired: December 15, 1962



The Returning

After eight years as a debt-plagued dirt farmer, a reformed outlaw rejoins his old gang to rob the Dodge City freight office. Lois Nettleton guest-stars.

Aired: February 24, 1967


Three's Company

Jack's Uncle

Jack's charming (read crafty) Uncle Fremont is in town, and he decides to give the kids a hand when the rent comes due and they come up short on cash. But do they really want Roper to cash that check?

Aired: December 6, 1977


The Golden Girls

Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan

Rose's expose on the living conditions in Angelo's building leads to Dorothy and Stan being labeled as slumlords. Guest Star: Herb Edelman

Aired: February 15, 1992