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Three's Company

Triangle Troubles

Jack has a new, old-fashioned girlfriend, but is worried that she may not understand his living situation.

Aired: May 15, 1979


Everybody Loves Raymond

Prodigal Son

Everyone gets on Rays case because hes doesn't go to Sunday mass. When Ray starts feeling guilty about the good example Frank is setting by attending church, he commits to becoming a regular parishioner. After all, if Frank can do it, so can he. But when Ray shows up at the church, he quickly realizes what it is that draws Frank to this house of worship week after week -- and it isnt the sermon.

Aired: January 31, 2000



The Monday Through Friday Show

Dan and Roseanne disagree about where to spend their 15th anniversary; Becky refuses to dissect a frog in biology class; Darlene finds her paper route is more than she can handle.

Aired: January 24, 1989


The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Great Petrie Fortune

Rob's dreams of inheriting a fortune are dashed until he realizes the intangible worth of an old photograph.

Aired: October 26, 1965


I Love Lucy

Vacation From Marriage

The Ricardos and Mertzes decide that their marriages are in a rut. A library book suggests a 'week's vacation from marriage' as the solution. Lucy moves in with Ethel, and Fred with Ricky. Their newfound freedom creates a difficult situation.

Aired: October 26, 1952


The Cosby Show

Rudy Spends the Night

With Rudy staying at her grandparents' and Denise and Vanessa headed for fun in Greenwich Village, Cliff and Theo organize their own "Huxtable Men's Club."

Aired: January 15, 1987



The Wooing Of Abigail Jones

Ponderosa ranch hand Hank Myers is in love, but the object of his affection pays him no mind. Hoss and Joe decide to help Hank get her attention. As a last resort, they turn to Adam for help, but the plan backfires when Miss Jones falls in love with Adam.

Aired: March 3, 1962


The Andy Griffith Show

Three's a Crowd

Andy would like to spend some time alone with Mary Simpson, but Barney keeps turning up like a bad penny.

Aired: April 8, 1962




Manolo is not recognized as a man in the eyes of his people because he refuses to fight his father, a traditional Basque custom to prove one's manhood.

Aired: March 17, 1975


The Golden Girls

Even Grandmas Get the Blues

While babysitting for her granddaughter, a man mistakes Blanche as being the baby's mother and Blanche does nothing to set him straight. Meanwhile, Sophia gets ready for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins, a celebration of mothers and daughters but Dorothy wants no part of it.

Aired: March 2, 1991