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Latest Full Episode Updates

8 hours ago


Uncle Finney

A bizarre attempted robbery by two bumbling hill-country brothers turns into a comedy of errors before it's finally thwarted by Festus (acting as Matt's deputy). Victor French guest-stars.

Aired: October 13, 1968

8 hours ago

The Cosby Show

Can I Say Something, Please?

Clair and Cliff let Rudy stay up late, but this leads to trouble at school.

Aired: February 9, 1989

8 hours ago

The Golden Girls

Ladies of the Evening

The house is fumigated and the girls move into a Miami Beach hotel. Previously, Blanche had won three tickets to see the opening of Burt Reynolds new movie and passes to the party held afterwards where they could meet him. However, on the evening of the opening, the hotel is raided and they mistaken as prostitutes. Guest Star: Burt Reynolds

Aired: October 4, 1986

8 hours ago


Her Boyfriend's Back

Becky and her boyfriend Mark borrow Dan's treasured motorcyle against his orders.

Aired: March 12, 1991

8 hours ago

The Andy Griffith Show

My Fair Ernest T. Bass

Andy steps into the role of Professor Henry Higgins to transform wild mountain man Ernest T. Bass into a sophisticated gentleman.

Aired: February 2, 1964

8 hours ago


Journey Remembered

Ben looks back at his travels west with five year old Adam and Hoss mother Inger. In flashbacks, we see his journey to Ash Hollow where Hoss is born en route. They arrive in Ash Hollow only to be attacked by an Indian avenging the death of one of their braves.

Aired: November 9, 1963

8 hours ago

I Love Lucy


Lucy and Fred are unable to produce their birth certificates to get passports for the Ricardos and Mertzes' European jaunt. They both call their hometowns for their birth certificates but discover that none exist for them. In order to get passports to accompany Ricky on his European tour, they must find people who have know them and their families for twenty years.

Aired: December 18, 1955

8 hours ago

Everybody Loves Raymond

The Annoying Kid

Ray and Debra are excited to have finally met a couple, Neil and Lauren, who are just like them, but Ray starts having mixed feelings when their son Spencer wreaks havoc in the Barone household.

Aired: November 11, 2002


Candid Camera

Candid Camera 109

Diners are surprised to see restaurant employees wearing germ masks. A snack machine advertises candy but delivers carrots. A beauty salon serves both humans and dogs! Kids primp in the mirror for the first day of school.

Aired: September 16, 2014

September 12, 2014

Candid Camera

Candid Camera 108

An un-tanning machine that takes away your tan. Customers are charged an in-store purchase fee. A man asks passersby to make change for a dime.

Aired: September 9, 2014


Three's Company

Good Old Reliable Janet

Hoping to shed her "goody-two shoes" image, Janet goes to a nude beach protest with an equally fed up Mrs. Roper. Too bad the police are planning to raid the rally.

Aired: September 19, 1978