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Latest Full Episode Updates

2 hours ago

I Love Lucy

Lucy Does A TV Commercial

Lucy tricks Ricky into letting her do a commercial during a television variety show. The commercial is for Vitameatavegamin Vitamins, and Lucy is the Vitameatavegamin girl.

Aired: May 4, 1952

2 hours ago

The Golden Girls

Ebbtide's Revenge

Dorothy must give the eulogy at her brother (a cross dresser), Phil's funeral. Meanwhile, a fued between Sophia and Phil's widow reaches a peak leading Sophia to reveal her hidden feelings about her son's alternative lifestyle.

Aired: December 15, 1990

2 hours ago

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth

Laura blurts out a top secret on a national television quiz show--that comedian Alan Brady wears a toupee. Carl Reiner guest-stars.

Aired: September 14, 1965

2 hours ago

The Cosby Show

Vanessa's Rich

When Vanessa is accepted into the pep squad, her family's wealth causes her to be labeled a stuck-up rich girl.

Aired: November 13, 1986

2 hours ago

The Andy Griffith Show

Guest of Honor

A traveling salesman passing through town is selected as Mayberry's guest of honor. Unfortunately, he's a pickpocket. Factoid: Don Knots said that the scene where Barney deputizes Floyd, Sam and Art had to be re-shot 20 times because he was laughing so hard.

Aired: February 25, 1962

2 hours ago


The Fires Of Ignorance

Allen Garfield guest-stars as a schoolteacher in an episode that makes a strong statement for compulsory education for children, even in the less enlightened Dodge City of the 1870s.

Aired: January 27, 1975

2 hours ago


The Ride

While Adam is at the Goat Springs station, the place is robbed and line manger Toby Barker is killed. Adam is convinced he knows who the killer is.

Aired: January 20, 1962

2 hours ago

Everybody Loves Raymond

Boob Job

Debra is upset when she sees Rays giddy reaction to her friends recently acquired new and improved breasts. Anxious to find out whether or not Ray is content with her body as is -- or if he would prefer it if she too made some minor enhancements -- Debra decides to conduct a little experiment to determine just how truly satisfied Ray is with her current physique.

Aired: September 20, 1999

2 hours ago

The King of Queens

Silent Mite

Doug and Carrie are shopping for Christmas when Doug sees a midget hitting on Carrie. He decides to go over and chase him away. Later when he is trying to buy something he realizes his wallet is gone, and thinks the midget stole it. Doug decides to hunt him down with Arthur's help rather than talk to a short policeman about it.

Aired: December 15, 2004


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Mary, Joseph and Larry

Larry and Jeff are unable to create believable alibis for Jeff's late-night phone call. Later, Larry accidentally ruins the family manger scene and rents a manger scene to make up for it. Guest Stars: Paul Dooley

Aired: November 10, 2002