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Everybody Loves Raymond

Robert Needs Money

After deciding to lend Robert $1,000 when he complains he's struggling with finances, Ray and Debra are surprised when Robert uses the money for a vacation to Las Vegas. After Robert resists taking the money, because he's concerned he can't pay it back, Ray and Debra insist it's a gift. Later at Frank and Marie's, Ray and Debra are shocked when Robert announces he's going on vacation to Las Vegas. After they question whether Robert has thought this through, Robert says he needs a vacation and doesn't know when he'll ever have an "extra" $1,000 hanging around again.

Aired: October 21, 2002


The Cosby Show

Lost Weekend

When Theo has the house to himself he organizes a small gathering which quickly erupts into a wild party.

Aired: February 2, 1989


The Golden Girls

The Way We Met

One night after watching "Psycho," the girls find it hard to sleep so they stay up and reminisce about how they all came to live with one another.

Aired: May 10, 1986



Communicable Theater

Roseanne must split her time between taking care of her flu-stricken husband and helping Jackie learn lines for her a play.

Aired: February 19, 1991



A Question Of Strength

Hoss travels by stagecoach in the company of Mother Veronica and sister-in-training Mary Kathleen. The coach is ambushed.

Aired: October 26, 1963


The Andy Griffith Show

Aunt Bee The Crusader

Aunt Bee and her friends anger Andy and Barney when they come to the support of a local farmer who is being evicted. Look For: Barney questioning Otis in the third degree.

Aired: January 19, 1964



The Hide Cutters

Matt joins a trail drive to prevent a conflict between the drivers and some hide cutters. Joseph Campanella guest-stars.

Aired: September 29, 1968


The King of Queens

White Collar

Doug's supervisor is in the hospital and Doug is temporarily promoted to his position. Doug ends up hating working behind a desk and misses his truck. But the supervisor dies and Doug is stuck.

Aired: February 22, 1999


I Love Lucy

The Great Train Robbery

Unaccustomed to train travel, Lucy is sure her trip to New York will be filled with intrigue and romance. When she hears that a jewel thief is on board, she sees herself as the possible heroine of the situation.

Aired: October 30, 1955


The Dick Van Dyke Show

Washington vs. the Bunny

Rob is determined to go on a business trip even though Laura wants him to see their son Richie "star" in a school play.

Aired: October 23, 1961