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Latest Full Episode Updates

6 hours ago

The Golden Girls

Letter to Gorbachev

Rose becomes concerned about nuclear war when girls in her cadet troop draw pictures of a bleak future. This prompts her to write letters to Gorbachev and Reagan. She's stunned when she gets a response and learns that Gorbechev would like to meet her. Guest Star: Edwin Newman

Aired: October 31, 1987

6 hours ago


Halloween IV

Having lost her Halloween spirit, Roseanne sends everyone to a party while she stays home - and is visited by the ghosts of Halloween past, present, and future

Aired: October 27, 1992

6 hours ago

Andy Griffith Show

Otis Sues the County

Otis hires a shyster attorney after he trips and falls while exiting his jail cell.

Aired: December 27, 1964

6 hours ago


A Matter of Honor

Louie Pheeters, found intoxicated beside a dying man and unable to remember what took place, is accused of murder.

Aired: November 16, 1969

6 hours ago

Everybody Loves Raymond

Boy's Therapy

Rays unwillingness to share parental responsibilities with Debra sparks a conversation about his own childhood. Debra, Amy and Marie convince Ray and Frank to accompany Robert to see his therapist, Dr. Greenberg. Moments after arriving at his office, Ray and Frank coerce Robert to ditch therapy and go to the racetrack instead. For the next five weeks, under the pretense of going to Dr. Greenberg, the boys formulate their psychological breakthroughs while betting on the horses and enjoying each others company. But their fun comes to an end when their wives find out that Dr. Greenberg passed away and the boys have been going to the racetrack.

Aired: November 15, 2004


Three's Company

The Harder They Fall

Janet has plans for a romantic evening alone with her new date, until she discovers Jack there with a broken leg.

Aired: February 20, 1979


I Love Lucy

Lucy and the Loving Cup

Ricky disapproves of Lucy's new hat, so she puts on a loving cup.

Aired: January 6, 1957


The Cosby Show

Cliff La Douce

Against her better judgment, Clair leaves Cliff in charge of the household.

Aired: December 7, 1989


King of Queens

Switch Sitters

Due to the fact that Doug and Carrie have watched Deacon and Kelly's kids so much, Doug and Carrie ask Deacon and Kelly to watch Arthur for a night. Trouble arises when they ignore Carrie's warnings about what happens when Arthur eats spicy food.

Aired: February 11, 2004



A Pink Cloud Comes From Old Cathay

Instead of fireworks; Hoss mistakenly receives a bride from the Yipee Trading Company. All of his efforts to return her are resisted. Tai Lee turns out to be one of the biggest challenges of Hoss life.

Aired: April 11, 1964