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Three's Company

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Three's Company
Jacks' in double trouble when he pretends to be sick to break a date with his current lady to go out with a new interest. Problem is Mr. Roper overhears him, and thinks he has what ails Jack. (20:22)
Hoping to shed her "goody-two shoes" image, Janet goes to a nude beach protest with an equally fed up Mrs. Roper. Too bad the police are planning to raid the rally. (19:58)
Chrissy's taken on a freelance job, typing up a racy diary. When a snooping Mr. Roper discovers the blue book, he mistakenly thinks Chrissy has the hots for him. (19:58)
In a battle of the sexes, perpetual nibbler Chrissy agrees to give up food if skirt-chasing Jack agrees to give up women. Janet has a secret weapon to turn the wager to one roommate's favor. (19:56)

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