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Tulsa Weems comes to drought stricken Virginia City with his family, claiming to be a rainmaker. When Ben expresses his disbelief and offers the man money, Tulsa becomes insulted and pulls a gun on him. Hes arrested for the threat and in the meantime, his daughter, sick with typhoid fever, is kidnapped from the family and nursed by Hoss. (41:54)
On his way home, Joe is bushwhacked. When he regains consciousness, he stumbles into the town of Martinsville. There he is nursed back to health by the strange townspeople. (41:53)
Adam travels to Sheep Head to gather some wayward cattle. He comes across James Callan, a talented artist, who has a Paiute wife. (41:53)
Hoss travels by stagecoach in the company of Mother Veronica and sister-in-training Mary Kathleen. The coach is ambushed. (41:53)

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