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Everybody Loves Raymond

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Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra yearns for a peaceful and quiet birthday at home - - with just Raymond. So he tells his parents and brother that theres no party. But Ray gets caught in a lie when his nosy parents and brother show up anyway and catch Raymond and Debra in a compromising position. (20:27)
When Robert gives Ray and Debra an IQ test as part of his assignment for his criminal psychology class, the results incite subtle competition between them. Meanwhile, Robert informs Ray and Debra that they each scored higher than the other on the test so he can get their reactions for an experiment he is conducting for his class project. (20:26)
When Frank gets a few anecdotes published in Readers Digest, he submits his writing samples to Rays editor, hoping to get his own column in the newspaper. Frank, feeling he has a new lease on life, convinces Ray to submit his story ideas for the column, which he plans to call I Was Just Thinking. Ray then has to break the news to his father that the editor thinks Franks writing is the most embarrassing work hes ever read. (20:26)
When Rays parents stop speaking, Marie moves in with Ray and his family, while Frank enjoys bachelorhood. Debra visits Frank, whos enjoying his life as a free man, and begs him to apologize to Marie so her mother-in-law will get out of the house. Meanwhile, Ray, tired of his mother babying him, finally gets the courage to tell her to return home where she belongs, with someone she can really baby: Frank. (20:25)
When Rays in-laws come for a visit, he begs his parents to be nice to them and accept their differences even though their lifestyles are worlds apart. Ray admits to his parents that he doesnt always see eye to eye with Debras folks but manages to fake it - - and hed like his parents to do the same when they all go out and try to have a family dinner. The request, however, proves to be a tall order for Frank and Marie. (20:26)
Debra invites her divorced parents to Thanksgiving dinner. Marie agrees to let Lois stay with her while Warren sleeps in Ray and Debras bed. Ray is traumatized when he goes to his room and walks in on Lois and Warren having sex. The next morning, Debra misinterprets her parents rendezvous as reconciliation. (20:28)

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