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Darlene's wedding day brings unexpected tears, joy and tenderness as Dan is finally able to express his love to Darlene and the young couple's wedding vows bring Roseanne to tears. (20:46)
Roseanne's brave and witty front masks her fears after Dan suffers a heart attack during Darlene's wedding reception. (20:49)
Dan returns home from hospital with orders from the doctor for a new diet regime - and strict orders from Roseanne about changing his lifestyle. (20:50)
Roseanne goes on a spiritual odyssey in front of the TV. After walking out on Dan in the heat of anger, Roseanne is now holed up at Jackie's, mesmerized by the sitcom couples she grew up with on That Girl , The Mary Tyler Moore Show and I Dream of Jeannie. (20:50)
The Connors win the biggest lottery payoff in state history but insist they're still "just folks." (20:45)

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