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Three's Company

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Three's Company
A former girlfriend runs into Jack at a local park, where he counsels her on handling her jealous husband. However, when they both end up with poison ivy, it only makes matters worse for his friend. (20:18)
A robber locks Furley and Jack in the freezer at Angelino's. Believing they won't be rescued, Jack spills the beans to Furley about not really being gay. (20:24)
A plan to trick Furley into changing the "no pets" rule backfires when the stray cat's owner comes looking for her missing kitty, which Furley says he has taken to the pound. (20:20)
Jack's in the hospital to get a tattoo removed, but Janet and Furley have different ideas as to why he's there. (20:25)
To win the attentions of the new art instructor next store, Jack signs up to be a nude model, which is fine until Furley walks in and a nude portrait of him materializes at the Regal Beagle. (11:00)

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