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An assistant attorney general uses Matt Dillon's long-standing friendship with an outlaw to further his political ambitions. Vincent Gardenia guest-stars. (41:29)
A fugitive assumes the identity of another man after the latter has apparently been fatally bitten by a rattlesnake. Albert Salmi guest-stars (41:30)
When a bank robber saves five nuns, the nuns look to a higher power to convince the man to turn himself in to the authorities. (41:23)
When they are kidnapped by outlaws, Kitty helps Marshal Matt Dillon switch identities with a killer in order to escape. Warren Oates guest-stars. (41:29)
Marshal Dillon is caught in the middle when feuding cattle lords bring their struggle for power to Dodge City. (41:29)
Against great odds, the mother of two infamous outlaw sons tries to steer her youngest boy into an honest life. Jan-Michael Vincent guest-stars. (41:12)

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