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I Love Lucy
An item in Variety hints at the imminent cancellation of Ricky's picture Don Juan, and proves to be correct. Lucy, the Mertzes, and Mrs. McGillicuddy take matters into their own hands by penning five hundred fan letters to Ricky and dressing as bobby-soxer members of the Ricky Ricardo Fan Club. Factoid: Phil Ober, Vivian Vance's first husband, makes a cameo as film producer George Spelvin in this episode. (20:29)
Simultaneous marital tiffs in the Ricardo and Mertz households drive Lucy and Ethel off on a mate less vacation to one of California's desert play lands, where they encounter Hollywood legend Rock Hudson as himself. (20:42)
Lucy decides that Ricky needs an agent to negotiate more money and cut down on his fruitless personal appearances. She appoints herself to the post. Her action results in the studio canceling Ricky's contract, and Lucy's efforts to save the situation only make matters worse. Don't miss a classic outburst of Cuban temper in this episode. (20:28)
Lucy and Ethel are abandoned by their sightseeing bus tour when they try to get a grapefruit from Richard Widmark's garden. When Lucy is stranded inside the garden wall, she and Ethel, who is outside, launch plans to get Lucy out. Guest Star: Richard Widmark as himself (20:42)

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