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Three's Company

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Three's Company
The trio is planning to ply the Ropers with a gourmet meal to avoid a rent hike. Their plans are scuttled when a blind buddy from Jack's past shows up. (20:29)
Larry uses Jack's name with a recent girlfriend, and the woman shows up at the apartment pregnant, leaving Jack confused and in the hot seat. (19:50)
The roommates are wondering if the Ropers' garden has gone to pot when they volunteer to spruce it up and find an odd plant growing there. (20:24)
Chrissy's minister father demands she come home when he arrives unexpectedly at the apartment and discovers his daughter's unorthodox living arrangements. (19:58)
Roper has bought a parakeet as a surprise for Helen. Jack and Chrissy promise to keep it at their place overnight. (19:59)

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