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Even though the coroners inquest found Joe shot in self defense, he feels guilty for killing Zach Krenshaw. Zachs father Amos makes a point of telling Joe he thinks Joe should hang for the murder. (41:53)
Gus Shultz, an old prospector, comes into Virginia City claiming he finally struck gold. Word quickly spreads that the strike was made on the Ponderosa. The Cartwrights fear their ranch will be overrun with greedy gold prospectors. (41:53)
Renegade Indians have been attacking settlers. Joe and Hoss have gone to warn the settlers and Joe is shot by an arrow. Hoss tries to remove the arrow, but the shaft breaks off and the arrow head remains imbedded in Joes shoulder, leaving him gravely wounded. Hoss desperately searches for help and comes upon a wagon train with an odd assortment of people. (41:54)
This episode is noteworthy for two reasons: Ben appears in an Army uniform and it is the first appearance of the character of Candy. The 116th Division of the Virginia City Militia has Ben called up to active duty along with Major Ben Cartwright. Ben commands a unit of volunteers that includes Joe and Hoss. (41:55)

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