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Early Afternoon

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Ben looks back at his travels west with five year old Adam and Hoss mother Inger. In flashbacks, we see his journey to Ash Hollow where Hoss is born en route. They arrive in Ash Hollow only to be attacked by an Indian avenging the death of one of their braves. (41:54)
Joe comes upon a mine accident involving his friend Seth and Seths future father-in-law. The old man is dead and Seth says his back was broken and he begged Seth to end his misery. Seth then asks Joe to tell his fiance he died in the cave-in. Joe agrees but then struggles with his conscience. (41:54)
Little Peggy Dayton is waiting for her Daddy to return home and vows that hell be home by the time she counts to a hundred. In the meantime, her father Frank is killed in a horse riding accident. Her mother cant bear to tell Peggy whats happened and Peggy continues to wait. Adam tries to help both Laura and Peggy deal with their loss. (41:53)
Ben sets out after poachers on his own and when only his horse returns with blood on the saddle, his sons assume hes been killed and go after the men they think are responsible. They learn from the Sheriff that three ex-cons were in the area and the Cartwright brothers split up to carry out their revenge. Meanwhile, Ben has been cared for by Mr. Dorman who takes him home to wait for his sons return. (41:53)

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