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A contemptible father pretends to have a change of heart when three nuns confront him with the care and custody of his two children. (41:29)
When a young outlaw becomes the victim of his own gang, he decides to help Marshal Matt Dillon bring them in. (41:30)
Kitty, en route from Owl Flats to Dodge City by buckboard, is kidnapped by Apache war priest Gregorio, an escaped cavalry prisoner. (41:28)
A wily little orphan-thief first steals from Marshal Dillon, then sets out to help him in an impending ambush. Guest Star: Loretta Swit (41:29)
The feud between ranchers Noah Haimes and Clete Bolden is rekindled by the romance of Haimes's only son and Bolden's only daughter. (41:29)

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