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The King of Queens

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The King of Queens
Doug and Carrie are having Thanksgiving at their house and invite all their friends. A strange man with an eye patch shows up and asks to use their phone. Doug lets him and soon the man is standing on their porch for multiple hours waiting for his friend to pick him up. Carrie thinks this guy might be a murderer so she wants Doug to send him away but Doug is convinced he is an okay guy. (20:41)
Doug is forced to go to a work function with Carrie. When one of Carrie's coworkers comes up to him and starts talking he decides to fake a heart attack because he cannot remember her name. As a result of this, Carrie's boss decides to send Doug into testing to make sure he is in okay health. (20:44)
Doug and Carrie get in a fight with Deacon and Kelly and soon they are off trying to find a new couple to be friends with. They are unable to find anybody and are stuck hanging out with a couple they hate to avoid the Palmers. While out with the other couple they meet some of the other couple's friends and fall in love with them, but have to think of a way to get their phone number from them. (20:44)

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