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The Andy Griffith Show

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The Andy Griffith Show
Barney inadvertently allows a fugitive to escape from the Mayberry Jail. Guest Star: Allan Melvin stars as Doc Malloy. In addition to playing Sam the Butcher in The Brady Bunch series, he had roles on The Phil Silvers Show, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and All in the Family. You may also recognize his voice as cartoon character Magilla Gorilla. (20:54)
Opie displays poor sportsmanship after finishing last in the 50-yard dash at the annual Sheriff's Boys Day meet. Look For: Barney's rope-jumping verses. (20:56)
Barney joins the Mayberry choir, which isn't exactly music to his fellow choir members' ears. Look For: Thelma Lou telling Andy that Barney can't sing a lick. (20:56)
A traveling salesman passing through town is selected as Mayberry's guest of honor. Unfortunately, he's a pickpocket. Factoid: Don Knots said that the scene where Barney deputizes Floyd, Sam and Art had to be re-shot 20 times because he was laughing so hard. (20:54)

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