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I Love Lucy

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I Love Lucy
When a fast-talking petroleum 'tycoon' from Texas tries to foist some phony stock off on the Ricardos and the Mertzes, they discover the ruse just in time to avoid being fleeced. Listen for: The classic Ricky quote: 'Don't cross their chickens before their bridges are hatched.' (20:54)
Lucy and Ethel engage in a tiff over the ownership of a 'bonus buck' when its serial number turns up in a newspaper; watch Lucy jump into a vat of starch for a half-dollar. (20:54)
A wealthy ex-schoolmate of Lucy's is collecting for a charity. Lucy tells her friend to put her down for 'five.' But when the uppity friend arrives to collect the pledged funds, Lucy is shocked to learn that her 'five' meant five hundred dollars. In order to raise the money, Lucy and Ethel get a job dressed as two maids from Mars in a stunt to publicize a science fiction movie. They 'invade' the top of the Empire State Building and scare the daylights out of a group of hotel patrons. (20:30)
Lucy decides to become an author after reading about a woman who won $10,000 for her book. Ricky, Fred, and Ethel find themselves the central characters in Lucy's first novel, Real Gone with the Wind. (20:56)

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