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Three's Company

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Three's Company
Jacks meddling father is in town, and he is less than pleased about it, until he learns that his dad has recently hit hard times. (20:25)
Terri and Jack (along with Janet and Larry) pose as a married couple to ward off Terri's lecherous boss, whom they've invited for dinner, with his wife. (20:23)
To impress a socialite at a charity casino event, Jack gambles and loses a lot of money. So Larry and the roommates work to help him win it back. (20:26)
The girls are charmed by their new English neighbor; however, Jack and Furley think he may be a wanted jewel-thief. (20:25)
Janet has a new job as an aerobics instructor, a job that Jack thinks is hinged upon him getting physical with her boss. (20:22)

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