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Everybody Loves Raymond

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Everybody Loves Raymond
Frank must find a way to fix his image with Ally when she catches him "sampling" some trail mix at the supermarket. After Ally sees Frank get into an argument with the assistant produce manager, Debra tells Ray to talk to Frank about the incident. Ray reluctantly tells his father he upset Ally, and now Frank must find a way to make amends to his granddaughter. (20:29)
When Rays friend Andy gets a job booking guests for a local sports radio show, Ray offers to appear as a guest, only to find out that the shows host, Jerry Musso, hates him. After soliciting opinions from his entire family about the situation, Ray winds up getting into fight with Robert, who seems delighted by the notion that someone actually doesnt like Ray. (20:25)
Robert finally decides to propose to Amy. He confides his decision to Raymond, and then convinces Ray to accompany him to meet Amys ultra-conservative parents. Chris Elliott plays Amy's brother; Fred Willard and Georgina Engel play Amy's parents. (20:27)

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