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Early Afternoon

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Amigo is wounded while leaving a holdup with his gang. The gang has been terrorizing the territory. Ben is riding with the posse searching for the gang. He finds the wounded Amigo and saves him from the angry posse by taking him home. (41:53)
The stage carrying Sheriff Rimbau, Hoss, Joe and some others stop at Red Creek station and find the Sheriffs brother shot and another man killed. The Sheriff wants to track down the drifters that his brother said did the shooting. Joe and some others join the posse searching for the men. Joe learns the Sheriff is not interested in bringing the suspects in for a fair trial. (41:50)
Matt Jeffers is in trouble. His ranch is about to be sold for back taxes, his land is drying up for lack of water and his son is losing interest in the ranch. The trouble culminates when Matts son is shot. (41:53)
Napoleon leads a gang of young troublemakers who are terrorizing Virginia City. They steal horses, disrupt a benefit for the school, steal the money that was raised and arm themselves with stolen guns. In a showdown in town, Joe shows Napoleons gang what a coward he really is. His gang abandons him. (41:53)

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