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Early Afternoon

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The Ponderosa welcomes Senor Tenino and his beautiful daughter Dolores. Soon the war is on between the brothers as they vie for her attentions. When Adam seems to be winning her affections, Hoss and Joe team up and decide that putting on a bull fight with Joe as the matador will cause her to take notice. By the time they realize theyre in over their heads, its too late. (41:54)
Ben is looking forward to marrying Katherine Saunders. However, the happiness is clouded by the return of her son Eden who is hiding from the law. Hes wanted for the murder of a local woman-- a crime of which he was acquitted three years earlier. Ben defends the boy out of loyalty to Katherine, but for how long is uncertain as the posse gets closer. (41:53)
Joe is mistaken for Angus Borden, an Army deserter and a dead ringer for Joe. Hes arrested and taken to the Army fort to face charges. Joes appeals to the Captain fall on deaf ears because the captain is involved with Borden and he wants Joe killed. (41:53)
A man comes to town claiming to be Pirate Lafitte but Ben has met Lafitte in the past and doesnt recognize him. The man tells tales of his so-called adventures. Hoss makes friends with the man who returns the favor by collecting a debt for Hoss from Amos Whittaker. When Whittaker is found with Lafittes knife, Hoss is the only one who believes him innocent. (41:53)

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