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When the son of former Ponderosa ranch foreman Will Reagan is killed in Mexico, Adam goes down to Plata to investigate. (41:52)
Hoss accidentally kills Willie Twilight in self-defense and is consumed with guilt. Willie's brother Red comes to avenge his brother's death and shoots Hoss in the back. While his brother lies dying, Joes makes Hoss a promise that he will kill Twilight. (41:55)
Hated tax collector Jock Henry is expecting a new baby and a new foal. When both must be delivered at the same time, Hoss comes to the rescue. (41:53)
The boys declare that their father needs to start taking it easier and they go in search of cattle rustlers. The boys soon find themselves in a bind with no hope of rescue. (41:53)
Adam is puzzled by his longtime friend's bizarre behavior, but is powerless to help him. When Ross becomes physically violent with his wife, Adam removes her from the home. Ross' behavior grows increasingly worse and progresses to robbery and murder. (41:56)

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