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The Cartwrights come to the defense of Army Captain Moss Johnson who is running from an Apache attack. (41:54)
Joe stops to visit the Widow Bolden, but his visit is interrupted when a wounded man arrives. Joe realizes the man wanted for bank robbery is named Trock. He is unsure whether he should tell Mrs. Bolden and things grow more complicated when she falls in love with the man while tending him. (41:54)
Two con artists visit Virginia City. Their first two victims are a former circus performer and owner of the local boarding house, Clementine Hawkins. Clementine is sweet on Ben Cartwright. When Ben calls on her, he finds that she has purchased a gem from the outlaws. Ben, thinking she has a fake, tries to switch the gems. (41:53)
Gunfighter Ed Payson returns to Virginia City after his father dies to claim his father's place. He isn't welcomed with open arms -- especially by Will Cass, a local storeowner whose son Dave was killed by Payson in a gunfight. Adams befriends Payson after seeing the cold reception he receives. As their friendship develops, Adam learns that Payson has given up his gun and wants to live peacefully now. Adam decides to help but this proves difficult when Cass uses everything in his power to try and run Payson out of town. (41:53)

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