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A whiskered water witch shows up in Dodge City during a drought and promises to find water, despite the skeptics. Ed Begley guest-stars. (41:29)
A ex-outlaw offers to help Marshal Dillon track down members of his old gang and talk them out of hiding. (41:29)
A young boy is groomed as a gunfighter to seek vengeance for the wrong done to his father. (1:20:19)
Matt joins a trail drive to prevent a conflict between the drivers and some hide cutters. Joseph Campanella guest-stars. (1:25:34)
In Mexico, Marshal Dillon is befriended by a 13-year-old boy who sees Dillon as a man who can rid his village of all banditos. (1:25:36)
Against great odds, the mother of two infamous outlaw sons tries to steer her youngest boy into an honest life. Jan-Michael Vincent guest-stars. (41:12)

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