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Early Afternoon

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Hoss finds himself saddled with two orphan girls named Charlie and Will. He plans to take them to their Aunt Chloe despite the girls' insistence that they want to be on their own. Hoss sets out for Cantill unaware that the girls are carrying something their father stole and he's being followed by the henchmen. (41:53)
When Hoss is injured on a cattle drive, Ben seeks the town doctor only to find him in jail waiting to be hanged for murder. Ben asks the judge to release him so that he can save Hoss' life, but the judge refuses as the judge's wife died in Doctor Johns' care. (41:54)
Hoss brings together a young widowed mother and a man whose girlfriend left him. The couple gets married, but Hoss' attempts to help are damaging the marriage. (41:53)
Hoss serves on a jury deciding the fate of Jamie Wren who is accused of murder and robbery. Hoss is the only one on the jury who is unsure of the man's guilt. (41:54)

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