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Emilia Miller gets an unexpected visit from her sister Ragan, a beautiful young woman who uses men. Hoss instantly falls in love and plans to marry her. When Adam returns from San Francisco, he has knowledge of Ragan that could change Hoss mind. (41:52)
When a Virginia City newspaper prints his novels as serials and then prints a negative review from a critic, Charles Dickens goes to the newspaper office to confront them. He walks into a ransacked office and is arrested for the crime and fined. But Dickens refuses to pay or talk and the Cartwrights set out to prove his innocence. (41:52)
Tulsa Weems comes to drought stricken Virginia City with his family, claiming to be a rainmaker. When Ben expresses his disbelief and offers the man money, Tulsa becomes insulted and pulls a gun on him. Hes arrested for the threat and in the meantime, his daughter, sick with typhoid fever, is kidnapped from the family and nursed by Hoss. (41:54)
On his way home, Joe is bushwhacked. When he regains consciousness, he stumbles into the town of Martinsville. There he is nursed back to health by the strange townspeople. (41:53)

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