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Candy is arrested for the murder of John Legget. Candy wires the Cartwrights to come help him. When they arrive, Candy tells them the only witness to his murder is an Indian known to be a horse thief. The Cartwrights must figure out how to find the Indian and convince him to testify at Candys trial. (41:54)
Hoss falls in love with Erin ODonnell who has lived with the Sioux and Paiutes since she was a child. A Paiute profit said Erin was "the wolf child born to fight and die for the Indian". This prophecy proves true and once again Hoss is left to mourn a lost love. (41:53)
Candy meets an old friend, ex-soldier Russell, who was forced to retire from Army after 30 years of service. Russell and the other former soldiers, with whom he is traveling, received no pension when the army retired them. Candy is forced to become an accomplice in their plan to rob the Carson City mint and hold the gold until the government agrees to give them pensions. (41:53)
Ben helps his old friend Ruth Manning maintain ownership of her newspaper despite Judge Tabors efforts. (41:54)
Candy befriends an Army sergeant named Samuel Bellis who has been charged with murder and desertion. Bellis and his Indian wife Nanata are out to prove his innocence by proving someone is supplying the Indians with rapid fire rifles. Candy decides to help them in their quest and soon Joe is involved too. (41:53)
Joe and Candy go to Buttleville to help Candys friend. They discover that powerful Calvin Buttler is responsible for driving out new settlers. Joe and Candy help Jess Parker who witnessed Buttler burning a settlers house. Buttler will try anything to keep Parker from testifying. (38:34)
Bens friend Marshall Luke Mansfield and his daughter Lorrie visit the Ponderosa. Mansfield has been a Marshall for many years which has not left him much time to be a father. While at the Ponderosa, Lorrie meets and falls in love with Rick Miller who admits he is the cousin of a man that once shot her father. (41:53)
Ben and Hoss visit their friend Sam Masters and his daughter Ellen and are surprised when soldiers show up. Unbeknownst to Ben and Hoss, Sam Masters is really Thomas Andrews. Andrews ran a Confederate prison camp during the Civil War and is accused of starving the prisoners. (41:54)

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