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I Love Lucy

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I Love Lucy
Lucy vows to tell the truth for twenty-four hours in order to win a bet. This lands her in a knife-throwing act on television. Her predicament stems from a little white lie during her round-the-clock truth test -- namely, that she can understand a talent agent who can't speak English. When he hires her, Lucy has a choice of facing the knife-thrower's blades or losing the bet. This is the episode where Lucy unwittingly reveals her true age, weight, and original hair color. (20:27)
The Ricardos nearly wreck the apartment of their landlord friends, the Mertzes, when they try to help decorate their apartment and Lucy proves herself an inferior decorator. (20:56)
Fred's birthday is approaching, and the Ricardos decide to buy him a custom-made tweed suit as a surprise. Lucy sneaks into the Mertz apartment to borrow one of Fred's old suits as a model. Mrs. Trumbull, unaware of Lucy's intentions, sees her and tells Ethel. Because of a robbery scare in the neighborhood involving a 'Madame X,' Ethel immediately jumps to the conclusion that Lucy is she. (20:56)
Ricky creates a fictitious old flame (Carlota Romero) to make Lucy fly into a jealous rage. By coincidence, a singer by the same name is actually appearing in New York. The next evening, a press agent arranges for Carlota Romero (with whom Ricky did work many years ago) to see Ricky again. (20:55)

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