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Everybody Loves Raymond
When Ally, claiming that there are monsters in her room, insists on sleeping in her parents bed, Ray and Debra do everything they can to slay the monsters so they can get a good nights sleep. A sleep deprived Raymond wonders where the "How to Grow a Kid" book is when he needs it, especially when Ally still refuses to sleep in her own bed alone even after her Sicilian Slicer father slays the rooms monsters. Finally, Ray and Debra take turns sleeping with Ally in her bed. But when a tired and desperate Ray presses his mother into service without telling Debra, the whole house is up all night. (20:25)
Debra discovers that her mother-in-law Marie likes Roberts girlfriend Amy better than she likes her because Amy is a good girl. When Robert accidentally lets it slip to Marie that Amy is a virgin, Marie is thrilled to pieces. Jealous of the attention Amy is receiving from Marie, Raymond minimizes Debras premarital activities, leading his mother to believe that Debra was a good girl too. When the family discovers why Marie has this sudden purity fixation, Robert and Raymond are in for a big surprise. (20:29)
Debra brings an unapproved snack to Allys T-ball game and Ray doesnt stand up for her, prominently displaying his fear of being disliked. Debra had no idea that pretzels were not on the approved snack list in the orientation packet for Allys team. And, as a mom juggling three children under the age of 7, she doesnt have time to cater -- and really doesnt care. But when Raymond wont take her side against the uptight team parents, she loses her cool and points out that hes just afraid of making enemies. But enemies he makes -- at the very next game. (20:29)

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