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Newly wealthy Roseanne indulges in daydreams involving Hugh Hefner and an appearance on the Jerry Springer Show in which she imagines her dreams -- and even some of her nightmares -- coming true thanks to the lottery winnings. (20:49)
While Roseanne and Jackie anticipate indulging themselves to unlock their "divine female essence" at a luxury spa, Dan is just plain morose - and finally admits why: nagging worries about a family member, his institutionalized mother. (20:47)
A Moldavian prince descends on Lanford with one purpose in mind: to romance Jackie. It seems he's developed a royal crush on her after seeing her briefly on TV.
Roseanne and Jackie fight the battle of the bulge during their sojourn at a luxury spa, where past-life regression therapy brings out the imagined warrior in Roseanne. (20:47)
Absolutely Fabulous girls Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, are among the few down-to-earth participants in Roseanne's outrageous Halloween outing. They're guests at an Upper West Side soire. But for grandmother-to-be Roseanne, a witches' coven soon comes into play - a la Rosemary's Baby - and bizarre happenings begin to involve a very pregnant Darlene.

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