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Early Afternoon

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Ben hires Will Holt as a new horse trainer. When Will arrives, he brings his Sioux wife Moon. This causes problems with the Indian haters in Virginia City-- especially Aaron Gore who starts trouble with the Holts and Ben. Britcher Breen is a lonely little boy living with his cruel stepfather Aaron Fore. Moon befriends Britcher. When Gore finds out, he goes to the Holts home, terrorizes Moon and tries to kill her. (41:53)
Cattle are dying for lack of salt. Ada Hale has inherited her fathers salt mine and has a monopoly on salt. Ada plans to sell the salt to the highest bidder and sets rancher against rancher. Ben stands with the small ranchers in an effort to get a fair price for everyone. (41:53)
Joe is in Smithville and meets Tracy, who saves Joe from getting shot. Joe invites Tracy back to the Ponderosa. When Joe arrives home, he wants to tell Ben about the money that will be sent to the ranch, but Ben doesnt want to discuss it in front of Tracy. (41:53)
Powerful Sam Endicott is backing John Faraday as candidate for Governor. Endicott wants Bens support for his candidate, but Ben refuses because he knows Endicott is corrupt. Endicott hires a gunman to kill Ben. Ben asks Joe and Hoss to let people think he is dead so he can prove Endicott is behind the entire plot. (41:53)

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