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Three's Company

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Three's Company
Chrissy meets a new, "older" man at the supermarket. Mrs. Roper knows something about him that could ruin her happiness. (19:48)
Jack and Chrissy spend a night alone in the apartment when Janet stays the night with Mrs. Roper, and everyone's in a tizzy. Janet's anxious, Chrissy's feeling spurned, and Jack's just trying to do the right thing. (19:56)
Roper sells the trio his broken-down car, but then gets a better offer and tries to get it back. (19:55)
Chrissy promises a dinner to her new man, a gourmet critic, but she can't even boil water. So Jack must step in and save the date. (19:55)
A punch is thrown, an ego is blown, and all because Chrissy was a little too friendly to an undercover detective during a girls' night out at the Funky Fox.

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