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While on his way home, Hoss stops for water at the homestead of Jason Gant. Gant is one of several drought stricken families in the flatlands. Jason is trapped in a well cave-in and Hoss comes to his rescue. (41:54)
After a rash of cattle rustling, the Cartwrights set out to find clues. During his travels, Adam comes upon an injured Matt Grant and takes him home to his family. Adam suspects he is one of the rustlers and tries to get him to confess and turn himself in. (41:52)
Ben is a helpless witness when the son of former lawman Lem Partridge is shot and killed by Jack Groat. Jack Groat is the same man who went to prison for killing Lem's wife. (41:55)
Ponderosa ranch hand Hank Myers is in love, but the object of his affection pays him no mind. Hoss and Joe decide to help Hank get her attention. As a last resort, they turn to Adam for help, but the plan backfires when Miss Jones falls in love with Adam. (41:56)
After Sheriff Coffee is injured, Virginia City needs a new Sheriff. (41:55)

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