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Roseanne talks Leon into letting her play Santa Claus at the mall - and hears something from one of the kids' mothers, who turns out to be Darlene's new friend and confidante. (20:50)
Roseanne's announcement that she is pregnant again leads to her and Dan debating kicking Becky out of the house to make room. Jackie and Fred squabble over sleeping arrangements. (20:46)
Dan is anxious at the thought of Roseanne having another child; Roseanne is upset to discover that Darlene is seeing a college student and that David has accepted it. (20:48)
Hurt that he was dumped by Darlene, David tells her parents that she has been experimenting with drugs at college.
Dan, Mark and Fred indulge in a little "girl talk" and are horrified to discover what their respective wives have told each other about the men's sexual preferences and disfunctions.

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