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Early Afternoon

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Hoss and Andy Buchanon witness a murder. Their court testimony identifies Frank Scott as the murderer and Frank is hung for the crime. Hoss is in Carson City on business when he sees a man that could be Frank Scotts double. This man is whistling the same eerie tune Hoss heard the night of the murder. (41:57)
Cully Mako is back in town after serving a 5 year prison term for bank robbery. Shortly after his return, the bank is robbed and everyone assumes Cully did it. (41:48)
Lawyer Cato Troxell vows to kill Judge Nealy for sentencing his brother to hang. Photographer Enos Blessing and his niece come to the Ponderosa and offer to take photographs of Ben, Hoss and Joe. He also to takes a group photo of all the hands and guests on the Ponderosa. The Cartwrights dont realize Blessing is working with Troxell. (41:53)
Cattle are being stolen and the cattlemens association hires range detective Markus Alley to take care of the problem. Alley has a habit of shooting first and asking questions later. Consequently, some innocent men are killed. (41:53)

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