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Annie O'Toole comes to Washoe Digging with a claim to a mine filed by her beau Swede Lundberg. Swede had two claims and sold one to an old acquaintance named Gregory Spain. There is some confusion over which claim is Annie's. A decision must be made in Miners Court. Ben Cartwright presides. (41:53)
Philip Diedeshiemer works with Adam to prevent mine cave-ins. They create the "square set" system. (41:54)
Henry Comstock claims ownership in a major gold strike. Joe asks for trouble by courting the daughter of Chief Winnemuca. (41:54)
Actress Adah Isaacs Mencken visits Virginia City and is followed by old boyfriend John Regan. Adah is an old friend of Ben's and he tries to offer her protection. Ben's sons are convinced she's bad news and try dissuade their father from seeing her. (41:53)
The Cartwrights are embroiled in a feud with their neighbors the Bishops; Joe and Amy Bishop want no part of the feud and wish to get married.

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