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While Adam is at the Goat Springs station, the place is robbed and line manger Toby Barker is killed. Adam is convinced he knows who the killer is. (41:53)
Terminally ill Laura White persuades her father to take her to the Ponderosa so she can see her childhood friend Little Joe. While there, she and Joe fall in love and plan to get married. (41:53)
Town drunk Danny Lynch has been writing his mother in Ireland about the fabulous ranch he owns in Ponderosa. The Cartwrights are dumbfounded when she comes to the ranch to visit. They must make Danny tell her the truth. (41:55)
While on his way home, Hoss stops for water at the homestead of Jason Gant. Gant is one of several drought stricken families in the flatlands. Jason is trapped in a well cave-in and Hoss comes to his rescue. (41:54)

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