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The King of Queens
When Doug is not allowed to hold Danny's girlfriend's baby, Doug gets annoyed and tries to convince Carrie to have a child so he can get back at Danny. In order to help convince Carrie it's time for a child, Doug borrows the baby from Danny so they can give parenting a test run. Doug quickly adjusts to being a dad, but the transition isn't as smooth for Carrie. Meanwhile, Arthur resorts to blackmail when he's denied the title of "customer of the month" at a local coffee shop. (20:44)
When Doug runs into his old pal Ray Barone, and both wives happen to be out of town, they decide they're long overdue for a guys' night out. After a quick shopping spree for some snazzy new clothes, the boys decide to check out the new nightclub in town. Confident to prove they still have the moves, they make a small wager to see which one can convince a girl to dance with them first. But things get heated when Ray opts to pay a young lady to dance with him and her boyfriend sees the transaction. Meanwhile, after 20 years, Carrie, for the first time, accompanies Arthur to his mother's grave. Upon arriving, Carrie becomes confused and angry when she sees the epitaph on the tombstone that reads, "Devoted Mother of Simone." (20:40)
Arthur accidentally starts a fire while cooking bacon and Carrie and Doug decide it is time to move Arthur into a retirement home. While Doug is cleaning up the scorched basement in preparations for his new media room, he finds some playbills that reveal that Arthur was once a well-respected actor. When Doug confronts Arthur about his days in the theater, Arthur confirms that he was an actor, but that he gave it up to raise Carrie. Doug starts feeling guilty for abandoning Arthur and tries to convince Carrie to let him stay. Meanwhile, Danny and Spence agreed that after two years in their apartment, Spence would get the larger bedroom back from Danny, though Danny now refuses to move into the smaller room, so Spence moves into the room with Danny and a classic standoff begins. (20:38)
When O'Boyle goes into rehab he asks Doug and Deacon to fill in for him as supervisor. Doug initially turns it down and tells Deacon to go for it, but then decides he wants it so that he can prove to Carrie that he is not content being a driver for the rest of his life. Soon Doug realizes he is in over his head when everything starts going wrong at the office. (20:42)
When Carries tells Doug to find a way to invest their tax return check, Doug decides to buy an ice cream truck he sees for sale. Thinking this is a good way to make money, he sets out to sell ice cream. Trouble comes when he tries delivering in another truck driver's zone, leading to a war of the ice cream men. (20:41)

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