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I Love Lucy

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I Love Lucy
Ricky discovers a large amount of cash in Lucy's purse and a cache of silverware and other valuables in a closet. Unaware that Lucy is collecting items for a club bazaar, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that she's a kleptomaniac. Joseph Kearns, Guest Star: Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace (20:55)
Lucy tricks Ricky into letting her do a commercial during a television variety show. The commercial is for Vitameatavegamin Vitamins, and Lucy is the Vitameatavegamin girl. (20:31)
After Lucy is late for a dinner appointment with Ricky's boss Alvin Littlefield, Ricky puts his wife on a rigid time schedule. Ricky tells his boss about this new schedule and that Littlefield should come over to see her perform. When Lucy gets wind of the plot, she schemes with Ethel and Mrs. Littlefield to teach their time-conscious hubbies a well-deserved lesson. Guest Star: Gale Gordon makes his first guest-star appearance as Alvin Littlefield, Ricky's boss. (20:31)
Haunted by the thought that he is growing bald, Ricky seeks Lucy's help and she comes up with an unorthodox treatment. (20:32)
The Ricardos nearly wreck the apartment of their landlord friends, the Mertzes, when they try to help decorate their apartment and Lucy proves herself an inferior decorator. (20:56)

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