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I Love Lucy

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I Love Lucy
Ricky becomes interested in a diner that is for sale, so the Ricardos and the Mertzes all buy it together. Right away, Ethel and Fred decide that they are doing all the work while Lucy and Ricky have all the fun. The couples decide to split the diner down the middle. The Ricardos' side says 'A Little Bit of Cuba,' and the Mertzes' side says 'A Big Hunk of America.'
When country cousin Tennessee Ernie Ford -- a hillbilly's hillbilly -- wears out his welcome with the Ricardos, Lucy tries a vamp act to scare him back to the mountains. Guest star: Tennessee Ernie Ford (20:42)
Championship golfer Jimmy Demaret visits the Ricardos when Lucy and Ethel arrive at a bizarre scheme for combating their 'golf widowship.' The girls install a basketball court in the Ricardo living room and pretend to be as deeply absorbed in the game as their husbands are in the fairways. Guest star: Jimmy Demaret. (20:42)
Hoping to spend the summer away, the Ricardos decide to sublet their apartment and split the profits with the Mertzes. Their tenant is a shy, timid soul who has been a witness in a murder trial and who wants nothing but peace and quiet. The deal is made when Ricky suddenly learns that his summer job has been canceled. Lucy stages a murder scene to frighten the tenant away so that she and Ricky can move back into the apartment. Guest Star: Jay Novello as Mr. Beecher, the timid tenant

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